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Transforming classrooms with cross-platform technology
By Lenovo | 15/10/2015

IT decision makers for the education industry have typically worked on a singular OS as simplicity was key. However, students and teachers today have access to a variety of mobile devices and being able to work and share educational resources on their platform of choice is crucial.

Find out the importance and benefits of cross-platform collaboration and how you can transform classrooms into future-ready digital schools

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Guidelines for maintaining business continuity for your organisation
By Citrix | 23/9/2015

Internal and external disruptions can impede business continuity and result in negative repercussions for enterprise productivity and data resources. This whitepaper looks at how improved mobility access can shield companies from unprecedented risks, resulting in greater cost savings and enhanced workforce continuity. It also highlights the benefits of having a mobile workspace technology which enables the workforce to have access to apps, desktops and files in difficult situations.

Included are four case studies where organisations are able to demonstrate a high level of business continuity with sound disaster recovery strategies in place.

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Five Steps to enabling a mobile workforce
By HP | 21/8/2015

Research shows that 94% of CIOs believe that enterprise mobility has become an important part of their enterprise IT strategy. While there are many benefits for business, there are still risks when it comes to security. This whitepaper looks at the steps all organisations to take when it comes to supporting a mobile workforce.

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Important considerations for integrating IT and combining business processes in a merger or acquisition
By HP | 21/8/2015

Mergers and acquisitions mean addressing duplicate systems, disparate practices and different approaches.This whitepaper looks at the steps necessary to successfully addressing these IT and business process challenges to come together as one streamlined enterprise.

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Investing in an improved customer experience
By HP | 21/8/2015

For IT professionals, catering to customer experience expectations is brand-new paradigm. This whitepaper looks at the three interconnected activities that must come together and how each of these plays a critical part in delivering an improved customer experience, with specific use cases of how progressive organizations are already innovating and reaping the benefits.

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Redefine your retail experience
By HP | 21/8/2015

This whitepaper explores how technology is fast becoming the driving force for success and innovation in the consumer and retail industries and how this ‘New Style of Business’ is impacting the marketplace and redefining relationships with customers.

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Shifting gears in the automotive industry
By HP | 21/8/2015

With each passing day, technology is disrupting industries with new ideas and applications. The automotive industry is not immune to the disruption and new technology is creating endless opportunities for innovation. This whitepaper looks at the new landscape manufacturers are facing - from the design process to the manufacturing and after-sales services.

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Rethinking tablets in K-12 education
By Dell | 19/6/2015

With more schools embracing mobile devices, the tablet is becoming a top device choice due to the numerous benefits it brings to the learning environment. This whitepaper looks at the key concerns and factors to be aware of as you integrate the tablets into the school’s existing IT device management.

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The IT professional’s guide to business mobility
By Lenovo | 29/1/2015

With the rocketing pace of mobile technology, it’s easy to feel like you’re being left behind. Read on to discover the latest research, trends and tips on preparing a mobility strategy that will allow you to reap the significant business benefits that greater mobility can offer. Find out: the six ways to prepare your business for the exciting future of mobility, pros and cons of BYOD and CYOD, and statistics that make the mobility transformation a no-brainer.

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Top 10 reasons you don’t need mobile device management
By IBM Australia | 28/11/2014

That’s right, the top reasons you don't need MDM. Who says mobile and social technologies are here to stay? This satirical whitepaper outlines why it might be good to just “wait out” the trends of BYOD and MDM.

• Understand why allowing mobile, flexibility & security is a slippery slope to the whims of the masses • Learn 10 "new excuses" that will convince anyone why you don’t need to implement MDM • Find out why visiting your IT Help desk is more fun than going to Disneyworld and Las Vegas combined

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