Webinar: Turbo charge your data center with SDS

Webinar: Turbo charge your data center with SDS

Discover how software-defined storage (SDS) helps you unlock the full value from your data, so you can drive growth and revenue. In this lively discussion, thought leaders from IDC and Veritas discuss why so many organisations are embracing SDS. Learn how:

• SDS can help you bridge the gap between on-premises storage and the cloud

• To scale into modern architectures like containers and OpenStack

• Intelligence and cognitive abilities enhance object data storage for better, policy-managed decisions

Step forward into a world of smarter data storage to transform your data center and drive real business outcomes.

Featured Speakers: Amita Potnis - Research Manager, IDC

Jyothi Swaroop - Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing, Veritas

Abhijit Dey - Vice President of Storage Engineering and Software Defined Storage (SDS), Veritas

Moderator: Lynn Lucas - Chief Marketing Officer, Veritas

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