Tomorrow-Ready CIO 2013

Canberra Agenda




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Welcome by CIO Online Editor – Byron Connolly


The CIO of the Future

Ross Dawson, Leading Futurist, Author and Business Strategy Advisor

Ross Dawson, a leading futurist, author and business strategy advisor, will present his framework for the “CIO of the future.” He will outline how certain key trends are transforming the role of Australia’s CIOs and IT leaders as they prepare for the strategic business challenges of tomorrow.                                                               

Ross will also discuss why technology and is now well and truly at the heart of business strategy, and how various trends are transforming the role of CIOs and their IT departments.


Enabling your organisation to turn information into a business asset

Dineli Mather, Head of School of Information, Deakin University

Technological advances of the past decade combined with the mass adoption of social media and digital devices have changed the role of information in our economy. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, the challenges and opportunities of unlocking the hidden insights of Big Data are making headlines in business reports across the globe. Organisations that have the technological tools and skills to capture, analyse and use information to improve their operational and strategic performance are gaining a clear competitive advantage. This presentation explores the Business Analytics value-chain, the skills in Big Data management required in the business of tomorrow, the role of the CIO in enabling Analytics within their organisation and how Deakin University is developing Business Analytics skills.


Seeding the Clouds: Encouraging the Take Up of Cloud Computing by Australian Government Agencies

John Sheridan, Australian Government CTO

John will focus on the policies and guidelines developed, and the practical steps taken by the Department of Finance and Deregulation in supporting cloud computing adoption.


Positioning DEEWR to leverage opportunity

Susan Monkley, Group Manager, DEEWR



Panel Discussion and Q&A