CIO50 2019: #26-50 Simon Reiter, Defence Health

In 2017, Defence Health’s legacy PHI platform “completely failed for a two week period due to unforeseen capacity issues with the systems code base,” according to CIO Simon Reiter, who whipped into action and helped deploy a tactical remediation program.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien14 Nov. 19 19:00

CIO50 2019: #26-50 Mike Rogers, SiteMinder

Mike Rogers, CTO and co-founder of SiteMinder, said his biggest lesson learned - reflecting on his move to build a startup business that’s now catapulted into a high growth operation - is the “value of momentum.”

Written by Jennifer O'Brien14 Nov. 19 19:00

CIO50 2019: #26-50 Oliver Schmill, Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific

Over the past five years as chief information officer at Mercedes-Benz Australia and Pacific, Oliver Schmill has transformed the IT organisation’s role from a mere service provider into a highly integrated and consulted business partner.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Nov. 19 19:00

CIO50 2019: #26-50 Michael Snell, Airservices Australia

“Business is all about people and while I fondly recall the shift from being responsible for myself to leading others, I squirm a little at my steely focus on outcomes. I learnt the hard way that this was not a recipe for success,” says Airservices Australia’s service strategy manager, Michael Snell.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Nov. 19 19:00

CIO50 2019: #26-50 Andrew Todd, Iress

Andrew Todd’s mandate as chief technology officer at Australian software provider, Iress, can be described in three ways: improving the speed with which the company responds to client needs; working at scale to take advantage of global teams; and improving the quality of the end-to-end experience delivered to clients.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Nov. 19 19:00

CIO50 2019: #26-50 Peter Whitfield, Cashwerkz

“Over 30 years of working across the public sector, enterprises, higher education organisations and startups, I’ve concluded that many companies mistakenly see technology and the IT [department] as a very ‘mechanical’ discipline with little scope for creativity,” says Cashwerkz’s chief technology officer, Peter Whitfield.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Nov. 19 19:00

CIO50 2019 #26-50 David Wong, National Library of Australia

Since 2017, David Wong, chief information officer at the National Library of Australia and his team have created the Australian Web Archive (AWA), which contains snapshots of freely available .au websites collected from 1996 through to 2017.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Nov. 19 19:00

CIO50 2019: #26-50, Russell Morris, TransGrid

TransGrid CIO Russell Morris has learned - after many years’ experience - that “success is more about psychology than technology.”

Written by Jennifer O'Brien14 Nov. 19 19:00

CIO50 2019: #26-50, Maria Milosavljevic, Department of Human Services

As the inaugural NSW Government chief information security officer, Maria Milosavljevic created a whole-of-government (WoG) cyber security function from scratch in under two years that fundamentally changed the cyber security landscape for NSW.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien14 Nov. 19 19:00

Ones to Watch: Brett Raven, The Big Red Group

The Big Red Group’s Brett Raven had his job cut out for him. As the story goes, he inherited a legacy tech platform built over 16+ years by a myriad of software developers and an unplanned architecture. The ageing legacy technology stack was a significant constraint in the desires of growth for the group.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien14 Nov. 19 19:00

Equinix opens largest Australian data centre, SY5

Equinix has officially opened its largest data centre in Australia to date, SY5 located in Alexandria across from SY4. The facility currently offers 1825 cabinets and has capacity for 9,225 cabinets. The data centre cost $224 million and is part of a $2.7 billion investment across the world.

Written by CIO Staff13 Nov. 19 16:46

Why your providers should support IPv6

IPv6 can help provide better performance for customers, employees and third parties trying to access your hosted applications.

Written by Scott Hogg13 Nov. 19 16:00

Woodside reveals quantum computing partnership with IBM

ASX-listed oil and gas company Woodside has become the first commercial organisation in Australia to join the IBM Q Network, which is focused on the development and use of quantum computing.

Written by Rohan Pearce12 Nov. 19 12:00

How to choose a database for your application

From performance to programmability, the right database makes all the difference. Here are 12 key questions to help guide your selection

Written by Martin Heller11 Nov. 19 22:00

Defence wants AI to be part of the team

The Department of Defence is seeking to fund research into the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) systems, with an eye to better integrating AI into decision making by military analysts and commanders.

Written by Rohan Pearce11 Nov. 19 06:00
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