ATO IT will stay at home

In what has been a clearly testing week, Australian Taxation Office CIO Bill Gibson has spelled out his vision for Australia's single largest revenue raiser and scotched allegations that the Tax Office is set to move its applications code shop to India.

Written by Julian Bajkowski17 March 04 08:54

Analysis: NOIE morphs to live and expand

In the six months since the spectacular exit of Richard Alston as IT and communications minister and his replacement by Daryl Williams QC, much has quietly changed in the way those who hold power in the federal sphere view public sector information technology and particularly outsourcing.

Written by Julian Bajkowski16 March 04 09:57

IT must deliver reality cheque

IT needs to be upfront about costs, speak in plain English and be prepared to deliver reality rather than promises to both users and suppliers to secure the budget they want.

Written by Julian Bajkowski11 March 04 09:20

Unions, Labor support offshoring legislation

Australian unions and the Labor Opposition have signalled their support for US-style legislation that penalises companies that engage in offshore outsourcing.

Written by Sandra Rossi11 March 04 08:45

NOIE cut in two

The federal government has moved decisively to centralise control of its ICT expenditure, architecture and execution across all agencies and will appoint an Australian government chief information officer (AGCIO) to oversee whole of government ICT coordination, backed by a new specialist office to oversee the development and promotion of its own ICT agenda.

Written by Julian Bajkowski10 March 04 13:28

Auditor demands government Web site metrics

Five government agencies have been told to develop performance measures for their Internet offerings after their Web sites were declared rudderless ships floating aimlessly on a sea of taxpayer's money, according to the findings Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) report.

Written by Julian Bajkowski10 March 04 08:31

Sun plans per-citizen pricing for governments

Taking the per-employee pricing model it introduced last September a great leap forward, Sun has said it's readying a per-citizen licensing plan for countries using its Java Enterprise System and Java Desktop System software.

Written by Robert McMillan09 March 04 07:16

National address database pinpoints properties

The 2006 national Census will be among the many beneficiaries of a new government database that helps translate addresses into geocoded locations.

Written by Steven Deare08 March 04 15:39

Open source group puts the gloss on FOSS

The push within Australia to give open source software major grip in government and large organisations has been boosted by the formation of a new representative body, Open Source Industry Australia.

Written by Howard Dahdah02 March 04 11:36

Unions wage war against Telstra over outsourcing

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) will conduct a concerted campaign against Telstra and the federal government to stop the national carrier from sending jobs offshore, according to ACTU president Sharan Burrow.

Written by Helen Han26 Feb. 04 10:50

Microsoft a bit player in public sector: Vamos

A little bewildered by Australia's public sector charge toward Linux, Microsoft claims misguided 'perceptions' and 'misinformation' has derailed the IT purchasing debate.

Written by Sandra Rossi26 Feb. 04 08:00

Govt help needed, says software community

Australia’s software industry is looking for more access to grants, tax concessions and Government procurement, according to a recent study conducted on behalf of ARN.

Written by Brett Winterford25 Feb. 04 07:26

Privacy Commission urges employee records review

Federal Privacy Commissioner Malcolm Crompton has released a discussion paper on information privacy and employee records that will have widespread implications for the IT department.

Written by Sandra Rossi24 Feb. 04 13:20

IT unemployment outstrips national average

Australia's IT unemployment rate is 77 percent higher than the national jobless average but incredibly, the rate is an improvement on the year before, according to the Australian Computer Society's (ACS) 2003 ICT Employment Survey.

Written by Helen Han23 Feb. 04 12:11

Estimates committee dissects NOIE

With the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) now certain to be abolished in name, politicians intent on dismembering the agency have run into an unexpected hurdle: how to carve-up NOIE’s more useful coordinating functions with departments such as the Attorney Generals and Defence.

Written by Julian Bajkowski19 Feb. 04 07:57

Low-cost Linux a strategic fit in India

Linux received a vote of support as a platform for corporate business applications this week as Oracle announced that seven of its new customers in India have chosen to run the company's technology and applications software on the open-source operating system, and that it has emerged as the second most popular operating system among the Oracle developers in the country.

Written by John Ribeiro16 Feb. 04 15:07

Telstra profits soar

Telecommunications giant, Telstra, has reported a $2.3 billion half-year profit - up 93.7 per cent on the same period last year.

Written by Brett Winterford12 Feb. 04 15:45

French government to test open source on the desktop

The French government will install open source software on the desktop as part of Project ADELE, a plan to computerize much of the country's administration by 2007, a government official said Wednesday.

Written by Peter Sayer12 Feb. 04 07:45

NZ readies e-vote pilot as US wavers

As misgivings about online voting systems grow in the US, New Zealand’s chief electoral office intends pressing ahead with an e-voting pilot in one electorate for the 2008 general election.

Written by Stephen Bell05 Feb. 04 11:28
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