Qld checks out smart licences

More than 2.5 million Queenslanders could soon become a walking database of personal details and private information should the introduction of a 'smartcard' driver's licence be given the green light.

Written by Michael Crawford03 June 04 08:00

Feds issue vendor tricks manual

The federal government has quietly let loose its ICT sourcing guide for commonwealth departments and agencies in the biggest shake-up of government ICT procurement strategy since the damning Humphries report into whole of government IT outsourcing.

Written by Julian Bajkowski01 June 04 08:50

RFID and privacy: Debate heating up in Washington

Privacy advocates and some lawmakers are pushing a debate over potential privacy abuses from the growing use of radio frequency identification chips as huge retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores move toward large-scale use of the technology.

Written by Grant Gross31 May 04 09:14

Microsoft courts governments in strategy shift

Having faced high-profile antitrust cases in both the U.S. and European Union (E.U.), Microsoft may not immediately spring to mind as governments' favored friend. So it is perhaps not surprising that the software giant has waged a quiet campaign in recent months to change its image from that of monopolist to "good corporate citizen."

Written by Scarlet Pruitt31 May 04 09:06

Microsoft talks tough against open source

A top official of Microsoft last week claimed that governments that support open source software are not helping build a viable software ecosystem in their communities.

Written by Geoffrey P. Ramos26 May 04 08:18

Vic centralizes records archive

The Public Record Office of Victoria (ProV) has announced it will develop and roll out a centralized digital records archive for the entire Victorian government.

Written by Julian Bajkowski26 May 04 08:00

China celebrates 10 years of being connected to the Internet

China's first direct connection to the Internet was established 10 years ago this week. Through a series of feature articles, this six-page report looks back at how the world’s largest nation got connected to the Net, takes a look at the key players, the role of the government and what lies ahead.

Written by IDG News Service staff17 May 04 12:58

Telstra sale pushed back to 2006/07

The sale of Telstra will not proceed until the 2006/07 financial year, according to federal Budget papers released this week.

Written by Sandra Rossi13 May 04 09:54

HP Services guns for government

Not content with the announcement of a $50million IT services and infrastructure deal with Woodside Energy, fledgling IT services outsourcer Hewlett-Packard (HP) has revealed it will gun hard for the public sector in the wake of the break up of large cluster agreements.

Written by Julian Bajkowski and Sandra Rossi13 May 04 07:30

Big Brother IT budget

In a scorched earth budget that has spent $8.39 billion of surplus taxation revenue to appease voters, the federal government will spend more money than ever on new technology to nail down security - and new security to nail down technology.

Written by Julian Bajkowski12 May 04 08:26

CeBIT: Offshoring stance defined

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) will actively campaign against any political party attempting to ban IT offshoring.

Written by Darren Greenwood06 May 04 07:23

Sun pushes open source in new EU

Sun Microsystems Inc. began sinking its teeth into the "new" European Union this week, saying that it has signed a no-charge education licensing program with the Hungarian government that will make its StarOffice 7 productivity suite available to 5,500 schools and 67 higher educational institutions in the country.

Written by Scarlet Pruitt05 May 04 08:43

PKI makes e-Health recovery

It has been a long and at times difficult two years for the federal government's Health e-Signature Authority (HeSA).

Written by Julian Bajkowski05 May 04 08:31

Govt denies proprietary software a security risk

The federal government has rejected warnings from an open source lobby group that closed source software presents a serious risk to Australia's national security and ought to be chucked out in favour of more transparent software.

Written by Julian Bajkowski04 May 04 13:04

Penguin power may rule in Vic classrooms

If Novell has its way, Melbourne will become the Linux capital of Australia with students across the state using Linux on the desktop.

Written by Rodney Gedda03 May 04 08:40

Supercomputers to fire up with funding

Australia's premier supercomputing facility will increase its computational capacity by up to 10 times following an injection of $29 million in government funding.

Written by Steven Deare30 April 04 14:37

Privatization the solution to Telstra price hike: PM

While the Labor Party was busy criticizing Telstra for its forthcoming price hike on line rental fees, the Prime Minister John Howard used the increase to again argue for the telco's full privatization.

Written by Sandra Rossi30 April 04 14:26

Remote West gets mobiles boost

As the election thermometer rises, Telstra has upped its expansion of mobile services in Western Australia and launched its network's first solar-powered mobile base station which will deliver CDMA coverage to the Roebuck Plains area in the state's north west.

Written by Julian Bajkowski28 April 04 15:01
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