Campaign trail e-trickery yields party site snafus

With election fever hotting up, operatives for political parties are turning to anonymously e-mailing tips to journalists about the errant behaviour of politicians' Web sites.

Written by Julian Bajkowski21 Sept. 04 14:39

Mystery contractor brought police fines system unstuck

More surreal details continue to surface about a $41 million infringement processing hiccup caused by the NSW Police Service's and Office of State Revenue's fines processing system, with a mystery contractor now carrying the can for the bungle.

Written by Julian Bajkowski21 Sept. 04 10:24

Microsoft provides Office source code to governments

Facing growing competition from open source software providers, Microsoft has decided to allow governments and international organizations access to source code for its Office 2003 productivity suite.

Written by Scarlet Pruitt21 Sept. 04 08:47

Coalition election cupboard empty for IT

In an election policy release as bereft of surprises as it was new funding, federal IT Minister Helen Coonan has valiantly fended off all temptation to dive into the Coalition's election coffers to buy hi-tech votes, with Australia's ICT sector emerging almost entirely penniless from the launch of the Coalition's IT policy in the Hunter Valley.

Written by Julian Bajkowski20 Sept. 04 10:19

VicRoads IT breaks up outsourcing

Local players and EDS have emerged the winners in the final break up of IBM's decade-long hold over IT at VicRoads, the Victorian roads and traffic authority, with the organization claiming the deal will net big savings.

Written by Julian Bajkowski17 Sept. 04 14:31

Coonan: Labor ICT policy anti-business

IT Minister Helen Coonan has labelled Labor's IT policy, which was launched earlier today, as anti-business.

Written by Staff Writers15 Sept. 04 17:30

NSW electronic health records system goes live

The NSW Department of Health will begin prototyping its new electronic health records project this month in what is believed to be the first, wide-scale online patient information database of its type in Australia.

Written by Rodney Gedda15 Sept. 04 08:07

Telstra lets fly with Linux data warehouse

Showing that Telstra CIO Jeff Smith hasn't lost his enthusiasm for Linux, the telco last week celebrated the launch of a new billing system codenamed Raptor-E.

Written by Rodney Gedda14 Sept. 04 08:08

Icebags cure for software development headaches

Integrating measurement of the complexity of software and performance of developers into the development lifecycle can have significant benefits in reducing risk, according to development metrics expert Ewa Wasylkowski.

Written by Stephen Bell13 Sept. 04 08:44

Defence purges Web sites of potential propaganda

Public sector IT and Web content managers have been dragged into a war of words over blurry guidelines governing the use of the Internet and e-mail as election campaign tools. Opposition MP Bob McMullen has accused Defence Minister Robert Hill of hijacking his department's Web site to distribute election propaganda.

Written by Julian Bajkowski10 Sept. 04 10:17

McGauran tightens ICT research purse strings

Australia's ICT research and development community will receive no new federal money from the government's election warchest, with ICT research policy left as it stands until after the polls.

Written by Julian Bajkowski08 Sept. 04 10:27

Qld council launches massive WiFi network

A million-dollar venture to ease IT burdens for small business in remote Australian locations could potentially find itself an exported as a wireless business model.

Written by Michael Crawford08 Sept. 04 08:09

Coonan tempers stand on offshoring push

The government's hard stand on offshoring public sector ICT jobs appears to be softening around the edges, with federal ICT Minister Senator Helen Coonan adding some noteworthy qualifications to her so-far ebullient support for the concept.

Written by Julian Bajkowski07 Sept. 04 08:22

AGIMO may open source custom CMS

Four months after successfully implementing a new content management system (CMS), the Australian Government Information Management Offfice (AGIMO) is now considering whether or not to make the source code for it available to anyone in addition to other government departments and not-for-profit organizations.

Written by Rodney Gedda06 Sept. 04 13:03

EU boost to open source software

The European Union (E.U.) is hoping to give the European open source software industry a competitive boost through a Euro 1.5 million (AUD$2.68m) research project kicking off this week.

Written by Matthew Broersma06 Sept. 04 08:52

Labor will promote open source: Lundy

Federal government agencies and departments locked into restrictive outsourcing and procurement contracts will find relief under a Labor policy of encouraging the innovative use of open source software, according to shadow IT minister Senator Kate Lundy.

Written by Rodney Gedda02 Sept. 04 08:09

Telstra wins bush contract

Telstra has won a $15.6 million federal government contract to improve mobile phone coverage in the bush.

Written by Computerworld Staff01 Sept. 04 13:23

Open source joins electioneering

Within 24 hours of a federal election being called, Communications and IT minister Helen Coonan has swapped her contentious campaign to offshore government IT services for a warm and fuzzy embrace of home-grown open source software to woo the penguin vote.

Written by Julian Bajkowski31 Aug. 04 09:27

Evans takes a shot at DoD cost blowout

Shadow Defence Procurement Minister Chris Evans has lambasted the Department of Defence supply-chain cost blowout, saying such an IT project disaster in the private sector would see shareholders demanding the CEO's head.

Written by Michael Crawford26 Aug. 04 08:09
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