Singapore's MinDef offers open-source alternative

Singapore's Ministry of Defence (MinDef) has moved away from a predominantly Microsoft desktop policy by installing the open-source OpenOffice productivity software on 5,000 desktop computers.

Written by David Legard25 Oct. 04 08:12

Coonan retains IT ministry

Senator Helen Coonan has retained the Information Technology, Communications and Arts portfolio amidst speculation the Liberal government would replace her position with Finance Minister Nick Minchin.

Written by Michael Crawford22 Oct. 04 15:24

More Telstra jobs head offshore

Telstra has announced plans to outsource what could potentially be 400 jobs in the applications, development and billing services division through Electronic Data Systems (EDS).

Written by Michael Crawford22 Oct. 04 10:27

Govt backs Perth open source symposium

Open source advocates will get an official boost next week with State Government support for the Australian Open Source Symposium in Perth.

Written by Dahna McConnachie21 Oct. 04 15:31

Tech change discussed at e-gov show

Hundreds of public servants gathered at the Showcase Ontario 2004 e-government conference in Toronto recently to discuss the latest in e-government initiatives -- much of it centered on how to instigate and cope with technology change.

Written by Michael MacMillan21 Oct. 04 09:13

NZ E-government makes its invisible mark

New Zealand e-government has arrived at the first of its self-imposed milestones, and reckons it's not doing at all badly. There are still, however, weaknesses in seamless collaboration among agencies, and a disappointingly low number of Internet users are using it to access government information and services.

Written by Stephen Bell21 Oct. 04 08:38

Telstra sale two years away

The sale of Telstra is still at least two years away and will not happen until 2006, according to Communications Minister Helen Coonan.

Written by Sandra Rossi18 Oct. 04 12:21

Biometrics: 'the deal' at the heart of privacy sacrifice

Exaggeration, fears, gradual acceptance, trust and deal-making were identified as among the dynamics of a relationship between sacrifice of privacy and gaining technologically-assisted benefits, at an energetic panel session at last week's biometrics conference in Wellington.

Written by Stephen Bell12 Oct. 04 08:38

Government pushes ICT workplace reforms

Telecommunications workers, equipment service technicians and university and public sector ICT staff are all set to be at the forefront of a concerted industrial relations reform push by the re-elected Coalition government after it decimated Labor at the polls.

Written by Julian Bajkowski12 Oct. 04 08:29

Coming to US Universities: Services science

Over 40 years after Purdue University established the first department of computer science in the U.S., a whole new field of study is about to emerge in colleges and universities throughout the country, according to a researcher at IBM Corp.'s Almaden Research Center, who believes that students could begin to receive doctorate degrees in the field of "services sciences" in 10 years time.

Written by Robert McMillan11 Oct. 04 11:06

Highly sensitive laptops go missing

Employees of private and government organizations working with highly sensitive information are still failing to adequately secure laptops containing highly sensitive information, with a spate of recent robberies prompting a stiff warning from a former Australian intelligence chief.

Written by Julian Bajkowski and Michael Crawford06 Oct. 04 07:44

Government warned on Web site discrimination

The man who sued SOCOG over Web site accessibility has warned that rising complaints against government Web sites' use of PDF documents are being made under commonwealth law.

Written by Steven Deare05 Oct. 04 13:54

NSW Government goes open source

A panel of contracted suppliers has been formed to directly service government agencies that choose to adopt Linux systems.

Written by Computerworld Staff01 Oct. 04 09:06

UNE's student information system goes live

Some 18,000 students now have online access to their enrolment details with their university's move away from a manual processing system.

Written by Rodney Gedda01 Oct. 04 08:42

Spyware may be next Australian government target

Australia's federal government may look at adware and spyware as a follow-up to its legislative actions against spam. On the other hand, some caution should be attached to "promises" in the run-up to an election -- the event currently dominating all Australian news.

Written by Stephen Bell01 Oct. 04 08:32

French Defense Ministry to adopt high-security Linux

The French Ministry of Defense has awarded an US$8.6 million, three-year contract to a consortium of companies, including Paris-based Linux vendor Mandrakesoft, to develop a highly secure Linux operating system for business, defense and government uses.

Written by Todd R. Weiss24 Sept. 04 11:44

Vic Commission urges workers' privacy rules

Workers need greater protection from covert surveillance and employer monitoring, according to a Victorian Law Reform Commission report released Wednesday.

Written by Computerworld Staff24 Sept. 04 08:56

Another 15 years left in Telstra infrastructure

Communications Minister Senator Helen Coonan has dismissed concerns that delays in selling Telstra will see its value eroded by the cost of a looming infrastructure upgrade to shift the local loop of its Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) over to IP technology.

Written by Julian Bajkowski22 Sept. 04 09:39
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