Open source joins electioneering

Within 24 hours of a federal election being called, Communications and IT minister Helen Coonan has swapped her contentious campaign to offshore government IT services for a warm and fuzzy embrace of home-grown open source software to woo the penguin vote.

Written by Julian Bajkowski31 Aug. 04 09:27

Evans takes a shot at DoD cost blowout

Shadow Defence Procurement Minister Chris Evans has lambasted the Department of Defence supply-chain cost blowout, saying such an IT project disaster in the private sector would see shareholders demanding the CEO's head.

Written by Michael Crawford26 Aug. 04 08:09

WA launches open source demonstration centre

Open source software got a boost in the West yesterday with the opening in Perth of a new centre that will demonstrate its use.

Written by Computerworld Staff24 Aug. 04 13:28

Customs and EDS extend outsourcing deal

In an announcement that has been foreshadowed for months, the Australian Customs Service today confirmed it has extended its outsourcing agreement with EDS by more than two years.

Written by Michael Crawford23 Aug. 04 15:14

In offshoring we trust: Coonan

Communications and IT Minister Helen Coonan has fuelled speculation government agencies will offshore IT services to cut costs and expressed confidence offshored IT projects will meet strict government IT security criteria.

Written by Julian Bajkowski20 Aug. 04 12:21

WA supercomputing gets $3.1m boost

Western Australia's Interactive Virtual Environment Centre (IVEC) for high performance computing and visualization technology, received an additional $3.1 million in state government funding last week which will go towards bringing its supercomputing facilities in line with the other APAC members.

Written by Rodney Gedda17 Aug. 04 13:26

BlackBerries play politics

In Washington, the seat of U.S. government, participants spell out the language of the political process on the tiny keys of BlackBerries.

Written by Mark S. Sullivan13 Aug. 04 09:13

Boeing scores $66m Defence eavesdropping support deal

The Australian arm of Seattle-based aircraft and defence technologies behemoth Boeing has won a $66 million deal to provide technology Australia's foreign eavesdropping agency, the Defence Signals Directorate.

Written by Julian Bajkowski12 Aug. 04 13:51

Online power added to funeral formalities

A small landmark for “e-government” processes has been clocked up with the first online registration of a death in New Zealand.

Written by Stephen Bell11 Aug. 04 13:17

City of Vienna gives staff a Linux option

Next year, users of 7,500 of the 16,000 desktop workstations in the municipality of Vienna will have the choice of moving to Linux, according to Erwin Gillich, head of the city's information services. An evaluation of this test will follow in 2006.

Written by Roland Kissling11 Aug. 04 08:46

Senate report criticises Australia's broadband network

A Senate committee report on competition in high-speed Internet services has criticised the poor state of Australia's broadband network.
The Senate Broadband Inquiry Report said the copper network is at the end of its life and the government had done little to ensure Australia had a state of the art broadband network.

Written by Sandra Rossi11 Aug. 04 08:18

Mandla vows ACS reforms will continue

The president of the Australian Computer Society Edward Mandla vows he will continue to push hard for reform within the organization in an effort to re-establish political and industry clout for the ICT industry.

Written by Julian Bajkowski09 Aug. 04 08:00

Government banks on White-brand Linux apps

In the boldest manifestation of public sector insourcing in Australia to date, federal government agencies are developing their own open source-based applications and will make them available for re-use across the whole of government in the form of generic software application held in code banks.

Written by Julian Bajkowski04 Aug. 04 11:05

Monash works to streamline e-government data

Monash University's school of information management and systems wants to improve the use of meta data within electronic recordkeeping systems.

Written by Rodney Gedda03 Aug. 04 13:09

Telstra performance under renewed scrutiny

Less than a week after leaked documents revealed Telstra is struggling to keep its CDMA mobile network up to government mandated standards, the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) has announced it will review the telco's performance of priority phone fixes for customers with life-threatening medical conditions.

Written by Julian Bajkowski03 Aug. 04 09:55

Bagle bites deep at uni network

When the Bagle virus struck at the University of NSW last week it was forced to pull infected PCs off the network.

Written by Michael Crawford30 July 04 08:12
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