Budget 2005 - winners and losers

In what is likely to be his last Budget between the Prime Minister's office or the back bench, Treasurer Peter Costello has bet the farm on a series of across-the-board tax cuts, backed by an ambitious series of welfare reforms where big picture IT simply does not figure - at least not for this year.
IT Minister Helen Coonan's portfolio is marginally poorer, while security agencies including the Department of Immigration and Attorney have walked away with significant funding boosts for biometrics, identity management and data-drilling.

Written by Julian Bajkowski11 May 05 08:28

Qld government inks content management deal

The Queensland government has awarded a whole of government contract to LogicaCMG and enterprise content management provider Hummingbird.

Written by Computerworld Staff10 May 05 12:25

Immigration database silent on 10,000 visas

Australia's immigration authorities, either unable or unwilling to provide details on the origins of 10,000 migrants issued temporary work visas based on their ICT skills, have conveniently blamed their database for the problem.

Written by Julian Bajkowski10 May 05 07:43

Victorian government elects open source for e-democracy platform

An inquiry into the potential of e-democracy in Victoria has recommended Internet broadcasting for parliament, the use of videoconferencing for parliamentary committees and the use of open source code for electronic voting kiosks.

Written by Michael Crawford06 May 05 14:33

Queensland government to review ICT procurement strategy

The Queensland Premier Peter Beattie has announced a review of the government's software and ICT procurement policies following a meeting with representatives from industry yesterday.

Written by Sandra Rossi06 May 05 14:32

Victoria launches Broadband Framework

The Victorian government has announced $137 million of broadband initiatives as part of its Broadband Framework.

Written by Computerworld Staff27 April 05 13:01

Centrelink and HIC thrown open to outsourcers in national smartcard push

Human Services minister Joe Hockey has resurrected the introduction of national services smartcards, and vowed to make technology deliver the goods to his $80 billion portfolio and sack public servants responsible if they stuff up his IT shop.

Written by Julian Bajkowski21 April 05 08:52

HealthInsite mends IT with open source

Federal government health portal, HealthInsite has been gradually adopting open source software as the best way to fix point problems, and pocket huge savings in the process.

Written by Rodney Gedda20 April 05 13:56

NZ open source trial attracts gov't attention

New Zealand District Health Board (DHBs) trials of an open source desktop will be carefully watched by other government agencies, keen to reduce the licensing fees they pay to Microsoft.

Written by Randal Jackson20 April 05 09:30

Lack of developers delays

Open source productivity suite may be touted as a viable alternative to Microsoft Office, but there are claims its pace of development and adoption of new features is being stifled by a "monolithic" code base and a developer community still largely controlled by Sun Microsystems.

Written by Rodney Gedda19 April 05 11:21

Govts on path to 'demystify' open source procurement

State and federal government representatives are preaching education to overcome uncertainties around procuring open source software to ensure agencies can reduce total cost of ownership.

Written by Rodney Gedda18 April 05 15:34

Government ICT spend swells to $5 billion

Federal government spending on ICT has shot up 20 percent over the last 12 to 18 months, with special Minister of State Senator Eric Abetz revealing it is now "investing" around $5 billion a year on the technology sector.

Written by Julian Bajkowski18 April 05 12:33

First NSW executive council formed to consolidate IT

NSW CIO-elect Paul Edgecumbe is wasting no time looking for ways to streamline the state's IT inner workings. A newly-formed executive council will begin regular meetings as early as June.

Written by Rodney Gedda18 April 05 09:34

Munich chooses two local Linux suppliers

The City of Munich has selected two local German software companies to equip all 14,000 computers in its public administration with Linux and other open source office applications.

Written by John Blau18 April 05 08:50

Government to use open source to break lock-ins

IT vendors pushing costly proprietary software lock-ins have been warned that feeding at the $4.2 billion IT trough of the Australian taxpayer is over and a strict and a new procurement diet for vendors will be personally enforced by the Special Minister of State, Senator Eric Abetz.

Written by Julian Bajkowski11 April 05 13:52

Are your staff safe from vendors?

With pressure to rack up ever more sales and beef up their supply of IT talent, vendors are cherrypicking staff from their client base.

Written by Julian Bajkowski and Michael Crawford11 April 05 07:30

Linux vendors push for government customers

Linux vendors say they're gaining ground in the U.S. government, even though a session on open-source software in government drew a small crowd at the FOSE trade show in Washington, D.C., Thursday.

Written by Grant Gross08 April 05 07:34
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