Steward joins federal CIO ranks

A senior IT bureaucrat from Centrelink, Ann Steward, has been appointed to the coveted post of federal CIO and general manager of the Australian Information Management Office.

Written by Julian Bajkowski24 June 05 14:29

Federal government agency eyes server virtualization

The federal Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources has begun an infrastructure consolidation project one year after severing ties with its outsourcing provider.

Written by Rodney Gedda22 June 05 08:34

SA government inks multimillion dollar software deal

The South Australian Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology is implementing an electronic document and records management system for its 4000 employees.

Written by Siobhan McBride22 June 05 08:26

Verdict in on e-government

Australia's use of online government services has nearly doubled over the last two years, with taxpayers swapping standing in queues for Web transactions, according to the most comprehensive study of the subject to date.

Written by Julian Bajkowski21 June 05 10:00

Home-grown vendors battle for slice of Qld public pie

A series of meetings between ICT industry heavyweights and the Queensland government is well under way as local companies battle it out to secure a bigger slice of the public sector procurement pie.

Written by Michael Crawford20 June 05 09:37

Unisys recruits outsourcing aficionado

Multinational IT services heavyweight Unisys has adopted a war footing on the lobbying front, appointing a former NSW premier, Howard government finance minister and 1990s whole-of-government outsourcing enforcer, John Fahey to the advisory board of its Australian arm.

Written by Julian Bajkowski16 June 05 08:14

Telstra's search for chief is over

The former head of French mobile company Orange, Solomon Trujillo, has been appointed Telstra's new chief executive officer (CEO) for a fee of $3 million a year.

Written by Sandra Rossi09 June 05 17:00

Further spyware controls under consideration

The federal government may consider a range of further curbs to regulate the use of so-called spyware, but will look for pragmatic solutions from the corporate sector, public interest groups and IT vendors rather than take a legal stick to the problem.

Written by Julian Bajkowski09 June 05 11:21

PC report card slams poor disposal standards

Tech buyers should buy the more environmentally-friendly products such as HP and Dell, ahead of less ecologically-aware computers, according to a PC report card released this week.

Written by Staff Writers09 June 05 08:26

Abetz backs privacy overhaul

The man in charge of enforcing whole-of-government IT cohesion, Special Minister of State Senator Eric Abetz, has publicly backed calls from Federal Privacy Commissioner Karen Curtis for a wider review of Australia's privacy laws.

Written by Julian Bajkowski06 June 05 14:27

Neville vacates NICTA chair for... Neville

National ICT Australia's (NICTA) founding chairman Neville Roach has announced his resignation and will be replaced by deputy chairman Neville Stevens.

Written by Computerworld Staff01 June 05 09:46

Research collapse sours IT jobs lift

Unemployment amongst IT professionals in the research and development and education sectors has nearly tripled in the last two years, taking the gloss off a wider IT jobs recovery.

Written by Julian Bajkowski31 May 05 08:05

Coonan board cold shoulders overseas vendors

Overseas vendors seeking to influence government IT and communications policy have been publicly frozen out of the policy-making loop, with IT and Communications Minister Senator Helen Coonan opting for a blend of research and business brains in the selection of her ICT Advisory Board.

Written by Julian Bajkowski26 May 05 08:43

Feds launch e-research committee

The federal government has formed an e-research coordinating committee, which is part of a $1 billion commitment to improve research infrastructure.

Written by Computerworld Staff24 May 05 09:14

Privacy law review tells feds to go it alone

The biggest review to date of Australia's privacy laws has recommended the federal government consider legislating over the top of the states, and finds the current legal situation to be inconsistent, fails in its objectives and negatively impacts on business efficiency.

Written by Julian Bajkowski19 May 05 08:40

Qld government inks utilities deal

LogicaCMG has won a deal with the Queensland government to design, build and operate the state's gas and electricity certificate registry.

Written by Computerworld Staff18 May 05 12:09

AG slammed over Workplace Surveillance Bill

The Australian Privacy Federation has lambasted the NSW Workplace Surveillance Bill, stating that it merely creates a headache for employers and workers and the NSW Attorney General has not kept a promise to protect workers' privacy.

Written by Michael Crawford18 May 05 12:04

CSIRO vows to defend US vendor IP raid

Australia's government science organization, the CSIRO has vowed it will defend its international property rights to the hilt following a major legal attack over a patent from multinational wireless networking players Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Apple and Netgear.

Written by Julian Bajkowski18 May 05 11:28
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