Electoral commission eyes open source voting

If bringing total democracy to electronic voting can only happen via software source code that can be viewed by all, the Australian Electoral Commission is happy to oblige with its next-generation election application.

Written by Rodney Gedda16 Aug. 05 07:41

Digital divide problem growing: Sensis Report

The digital home is a concept out of reach for many people, who live on the other side of a "digital divide", Sensis has found.

Written by Dahna McConnachie12 Aug. 05 11:37

Trujillo to punish IT over billing bungles

Telstra's battle-scarred IT shop is again bracing for the broom of change, with new CEO Sol Trujillo singling out the telco's near-moribund billing infrastructure as a key strategic failing.

Written by Julian Bajkowski12 Aug. 05 10:57

Results see key Telstra staff jettisoned as Trujillo fronts PM

On what must be the busiest day on record for Telstra's management, the telco has posted a bumper profit, appointed a new chief operations officer, jettisoned its technology chief and presented its new CEO, Sol Trujillo, to the Prime Minister for a verbal beating over his anti-rural outbursts.

Written by Julian Bajkowski11 Aug. 05 12:43

Salary gains modest for IT professionals, outlook cloudy

The 2005 Australian Computer Society (ACS) Remuneration Survey remains one of the largest of its kind in Australia and provides a detailed picture of working life for Australia's ICT professionals.

Written by Siobhan McBride08 Aug. 05 10:02

Beattie creates new IT portfolio

A Queensland government reshuffle has spawned a new IT policy portfolio reporting directly to Premier Peter Beattie after a turbulent six months which has seen the state's leader at loggerheads with the local software industry over comments its wares came second to those of SAP.

Written by Michael Crawford and Julian Bajkowski05 Aug. 05 10:25

Abbott tells e-health vendors to shape up

Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott has warned e-health vendors and systems designers eyeing off federal coffers that their products must deliver tangible economic benefits over technological improvements if they expect to get government funding for e-Health.

Written by Michael Crawford04 Aug. 05 11:35

E-health data standards close to confirmation

The federal government is only weeks away from formalizing data standards for Australia's national electronic health record system.

Written by Michael Crawford01 Aug. 05 09:30

Labor cools enthusiasm for Hotmail leaks

Less than three hours after launching a new Hotmail address to expose government waste, the Australian Labor Party has warned public servants to never use their work computers or e-mail addresses to send information to it.

Written by Julian Bajkowski and Michael Crawford29 July 05 12:07

AusCert, GovCert vie for technology space

Roles and responsibilities in the Australian IT security landscape are in confusion following the formation of yet another official IT security organisation.

Written by Michael Crawford25 July 05 12:00

Defence adds more protection

With an existing mixture of mainframe and proprietary Unix systems, the Department of Defence has chosen the x86 and IA64 architectures over Sparc for its new $450,000 security management application.

Written by Rodney Gedda25 July 05 09:32

Senator scuttles 'Orwellian' national ID card

Attempts to exhume the concept of a national identity card backed by a central database have been effectively shut down by the National Party's Senator Barnaby Joyce (Queensland).

Written by Julian Bajkowski19 July 05 12:37

ABC begins digital archive conquest

Nearly two and a half years after announcing it would digitize its entire film and radio archive, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's data conversion work starts this month.

Written by Rodney Gedda19 July 05 08:19

National ID card easy target for hackers

Civil libertarians are warning that the introduction of a national identification card will make it easier for computer hackers to undertake identity theft.

Written by Computerworld Staff18 July 05 09:34

Attempts to blame IT for immigration bungles disintegrate

Attempts by Prime Minister John Howard and Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone to blame information technology for the illegal incarceration and deportation of Australian citizens have fallen apart with the release of former Federal Police Commissioner Mick Palmer's report into systemic failures at the Department of Immigration, Multiculturalism and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA).

Written by Julian Bajkowski15 July 05 08:57

London attacks prompt EU to prioritize data retention

The European Commission intends to accelerate plans to put forward new rules requiring telephone and Internet operators to store data for law enforcement agencies in the wake of the terrorist bombings in London on Thursday, a senior official said Friday. But the new plan would cut the time data had to be stored to a maximum of nine months compared to one year in an earlier proposal.

Written by Simon Taylor11 July 05 08:32

SBS tunes into Linux

Viewers of government broadcaster SBS Television will see news reports created with the help of the open source Linux operating system following a system upgrade last month.

Written by Rodney Gedda08 July 05 07:47

Women in ICT Network launched

Some of the most prominent women working in IT today have come together to form the Victorian Women in ICT Network.

Written by Sandra Rossi08 July 05 07:35
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