IBM, New York county team up to fight Medicaid waste, fraud

Erie County has decided to take part in a program developed by IBM and the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) to detect Medicaid fraud using advanced mathematical algorithms developed by IBM researchers.

Written by Linda Rosencrance08 Sept. 05 09:01

HR outsourcing finds heavy-hitting fans

Globally, human resources (HR) outsourcing is picking up steam with the likes of Pepsi, Whirlpool and other big names choosing to use service providers to avoid stressing already stretched IT staff.

Written by Sandra Rossi and Patrick Thibodeau05 Sept. 05 11:51

Immigration restructures IT post-Palmer

Senior public servants rarely shed tears in public, yet several had trouble concealing their emotions when Department of Immigration, Multiculturism and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) outgoing chief information officer Cheryl Hannah took the stage at a government IT conference in Canberra last week.

Written by Julian Bajkowski02 Sept. 05 09:52

US state plans to abandon Microsoft Office

Massachusetts unveiled plans to phase out Microsoft's Office in favor of office productivity suites that support an open-document format from the OASIS standards body, according to a statement on the commonwealth's Web site.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano02 Sept. 05 08:18

NSF proposes next-generation Internet

The US National Science Foundation (NSF) has proposed a next-generation Internet with built-in security and functionality that connects all kinds of devices, with researchers challenging the government agency to look at the Internet as a "clean slate."

Written by Grant Gross31 Aug. 05 08:00

No job guarantees for Telstra employees

Prime Minister John Howard said today he cannot guarantee job security for Telstra workers once the telco is fully sold.

Written by Sandra Rossi29 Aug. 05 14:30

Federal CIO promises more reforms

Australia's latest whole of government CIO, Ann Steward, has used her first public speech to make all the right political noises and warn government CIOs and IT managers they must clean up their own backyards and learn to share infrastructure with their peers without quarreling.

Written by Julian Bajkowski29 Aug. 05 10:05

Abetz announces overhaul for e-government

The federal government is to dramatically shake up its internal IT strategy by the end of the year and will implement an ambitious scheme of programs including identity management, tougher contracts for vendors and an IT skills program.

Written by Julian Bajkowski29 Aug. 05 08:33

QLD IT minister promises better industry tracking

Having parachuted into a new Ministry of IT Policy, Queensland's latest cyber politician, Chris Cummins, is banking that increased research and reporting will sooth perennially strained relations between the government and local industry.

Written by Julian Bajkowski24 Aug. 05 08:00

Ill wind blows through e-Health adoption

E-Health initiatives have medicos fuming over time-consuming software and parents traumatized over automatic rebates that not only don't arrive but disrupt childcare arrangements.

Written by Julian Bajkowski23 Aug. 05 09:14

Microsoft offers RFID system for postal services

Microsoft is marketing an RFID (radio frequency identification device) package for postal services at a stamp exhibition in Taiwan, hoping to woo the government's post office and potentially forge a new line of business for the software maker.

Written by Dan Nystedt and John Ribeiro23 Aug. 05 08:14

WA launches e-medicine centre

Western Australian premier Geoff Gallop today launched the world's first e-medicine research initiative at Edith Cowan University.

Written by Sandra Rossi23 Aug. 05 08:00

Intel kicks off global wireless networking initiative

Intel publicly lined up behind municipal wireless networking projects on Thursday, kicking off an initiative with hardware, software and networking partners to help communities around the world carry out the sometimes controversial rollouts.

Written by Stephen Lawson19 Aug. 05 07:30

Users rate vendors on quality, performance

How does your vendor rate as a supplier? Are you happy with your support and services? When it comes to rating vendors, customers are ideally placed to recount their own, first-hand experiences. Put simply customers are on the frontline. There are no analyst reports or vendor brochures that can match the real-world assessment of a customer. In a bid to set the ratings landscape, Siobhan McBride and Sandra Rossi polled readers asking them to nominate the top two vendors they'd dealt with recently and those who didn't come up to scratch.

Written by Siobhan McBride and Sandra Rossi17 Aug. 05 08:19

Electoral commission eyes open source voting

If bringing total democracy to electronic voting can only happen via software source code that can be viewed by all, the Australian Electoral Commission is happy to oblige with its next-generation election application.

Written by Rodney Gedda16 Aug. 05 07:41

Digital divide problem growing: Sensis Report

The digital home is a concept out of reach for many people, who live on the other side of a "digital divide", Sensis has found.

Written by Dahna McConnachie12 Aug. 05 11:37

Trujillo to punish IT over billing bungles

Telstra's battle-scarred IT shop is again bracing for the broom of change, with new CEO Sol Trujillo singling out the telco's near-moribund billing infrastructure as a key strategic failing.

Written by Julian Bajkowski12 Aug. 05 10:57

Results see key Telstra staff jettisoned as Trujillo fronts PM

On what must be the busiest day on record for Telstra's management, the telco has posted a bumper profit, appointed a new chief operations officer, jettisoned its technology chief and presented its new CEO, Sol Trujillo, to the Prime Minister for a verbal beating over his anti-rural outbursts.

Written by Julian Bajkowski11 Aug. 05 12:43

Salary gains modest for IT professionals, outlook cloudy

The 2005 Australian Computer Society (ACS) Remuneration Survey remains one of the largest of its kind in Australia and provides a detailed picture of working life for Australia's ICT professionals.

Written by Siobhan McBride08 Aug. 05 10:02
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