Sun pushes open source in new EU

Sun Microsystems Inc. began sinking its teeth into the "new" European Union this week, saying that it has signed a no-charge education licensing program with the Hungarian government that will make its StarOffice 7 productivity suite available to 5,500 schools and 67 higher educational institutions in the country.

Written by Scarlet Pruitt05 May 04 08:43

PKI makes e-Health recovery

It has been a long and at times difficult two years for the federal government's Health e-Signature Authority (HeSA).

Written by Julian Bajkowski05 May 04 08:31

Govt denies proprietary software a security risk

The federal government has rejected warnings from an open source lobby group that closed source software presents a serious risk to Australia's national security and ought to be chucked out in favour of more transparent software.

Written by Julian Bajkowski04 May 04 13:04

Penguin power may rule in Vic classrooms

If Novell has its way, Melbourne will become the Linux capital of Australia with students across the state using Linux on the desktop.

Written by Rodney Gedda03 May 04 08:40

Supercomputers to fire up with funding

Australia's premier supercomputing facility will increase its computational capacity by up to 10 times following an injection of $29 million in government funding.

Written by Steven Deare30 April 04 14:37

Privatization the solution to Telstra price hike: PM

While the Labor Party was busy criticizing Telstra for its forthcoming price hike on line rental fees, the Prime Minister John Howard used the increase to again argue for the telco's full privatization.

Written by Sandra Rossi30 April 04 14:26

Remote West gets mobiles boost

As the election thermometer rises, Telstra has upped its expansion of mobile services in Western Australia and launched its network's first solar-powered mobile base station which will deliver CDMA coverage to the Roebuck Plains area in the state's north west.

Written by Julian Bajkowski28 April 04 15:01

QUT boosts Net access

In a bid to drive down Internet infrastructure costs and improve download speed, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is implementing a solution to provide 700 gigabytes of hard disk storage space across four campuses.

Written by Siobhan McBride27 April 04 08:40

China agrees to drop WAPI standard

The government of China has agreed to suspend indefinitely its proposed proprietary national standard for wireless LANs after objections from the U.S. government and IT vendors, U.S. and Chinese officials announced Wednesday.

Written by Grant Gross22 April 04 12:46

Tassie police turn up the heat with forensic databases

One state that is using technology to get an edge on the fight against crime is the Tasmanian Department of Police and Public Safety which is using a home-grown solution to analyse crime scene information.

Written by Sandra Rossi15 April 04 08:44

NSW traffic authority switches to Macs

In what may well be Apple Computer's largest coup in the Australian enterprise space, the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) will deploy 1200 Apple G4 iMacs across 140 registry offices.

Written by Julian Bajkowski14 April 04 11:02

Australia gets open source think-tank

A newly formed, Australian-based open source advisory group aims to deliver expert advice and information on free and open source software (FOSS).

Written by Nadia Cameron08 April 04 12:23

Govt departments could prove fertile phishing ground

Banks may be today's target for "phishing" expeditions but the next big thing is likely to be government departments, suggests the Asia Pacific vice president of anti-spam company Brightmail.

Written by Paul Brislen08 April 04 08:27

Williams to quit as PM takes control of ICT

After only six months in the post, Communications, IT and Arts Minister Daryl Williams will not contest his lower house seat in the forthcoming elections "for family reasons" and has effectively ceded control of the national ICT agenda to the office of the Prime Minister, John Howard.

Written by Julian Bajkowski06 April 04 09:12

IT security strengthens in public sector

Australian enterprises are at substantial risk of being sucker-punched by hackers because of their overly relaxed attitude to IT security the regional director of Check Point, Scott Ferguson, told the inaugural CIO Government Conference in Canberra this week.

Written by Julian Bajkowski02 April 04 08:08

Comms Authority wants feedback on national network

The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) wants interested parties to comment on the effectiveness of the Network Reliability Framework (NRF) following its first year of operation.

Written by Siobhan McBride01 April 04 15:11

Open source appeals to bioinformatics

Australia’s bioinformatics industry will increasingly rely on open source software as researchers look for inexpensive point solutions that are not just a “black box”, according to delegates at an Australian Technology Park Innovations bioinformatics symposium in Sydney.

Written by Rodney Gedda31 March 04 13:44
  • After 44 years of evolution, Australian telecommunications’ next business enabler is expected to be the nbn™ broadband access network

    Two 22-year cycles of reform first consolidated, then deregulated Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure. As the third cycle begins, the nbn™ access network is expected to become a key driver for business innovation into the future.

    business nbn™

    NBN Co supports the needs of Australian business with the establishment of a dedicated team – business nbn™. The business nbn™ team works with service providers and the broader industry to create purpose-built wholesale products and services to allow service providers to better support medium and large organisations. By providing open-access connectivity on non-discriminatory terms to all service providers, NBN Co intends to help create a level-playing field fostering a competitive business market that has historically been dominated by a very small number of players.

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