IT puts its house in order, for business' sake

As IT executives seek to transform their operations into true, corporate assets that can help grow the business at their companies, many are finding that first they must impose much tighter controls over their often vast and unwieldy portfolios of technology projects.

Written by Sandra Rossi27 March 06 06:52

Federal e-mail mandate stalls

Only five agencies across the whole of government have taken steps to comply with a new e-mail mandate which was announced last September.

Written by Michael Crawford24 March 06 11:04

Queensland Transport eyes geospatial data sharing

With a geospatial information system calculating trip distances and fares, Queensland Transport - the department which manages all matters related to roads and travel in the state - is now looking to share more information with other departments to aid planning and government service delivery.

Written by Rodney Gedda23 March 06 08:02

Labor to block inappropriate ISP traffic

Labor announced on Tuesday it will force Internet service providers (ISPs) to block violent and pornographic material.

Written by Sandra Rossi21 March 06 16:06

Smartcard providers poised for national rollouts

Smartcard providers are gearing up for massive rollouts in the next two years in the wake of a federal government review into the introduction of a national identity card.

Written by Rodney Gedda and Michael Crawford20 March 06 08:26

ASIO to appoint its first CIO, expand IT

The federal government's funding hike in response to a "complex security environment" will see the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) appoint its first CIO this year with applications closing at the end of the month.

Written by Rodney Gedda17 March 06 12:56

Former government CIO vocal about open source

Former Massachusetts state government CIO, Peter Quinn believes that any technology leader, in the public or private sector, who is not supporting and implementing open standards should resign and get out of the business.

Written by Dahna McConnachie14 March 06 14:10

More Vic depts sign on to Rosetta

Nearly three years after the Victorian government announced project Rosetta - a unified identity management infrastructure - nine departments will join the Department of Justice in the next few months in using the system.

Written by Rodney Gedda14 March 06 08:12

Customs turns attention to in-house ID management

Moving on from the dramas that surrounded the cargo management re-engineering (CMR) software project, Australian Customs Service CIO Murray Harrison is embarking on an in-house identity management project, which he describes as a "world first".

Written by Rodney Gedda09 March 06 10:12

McNealy pumps open standards at gov't trade show

Government agencies need to move toward open standards and managed services to cut IT costs and improve service to customers, Sun Microsystems Chief Executive Officer Scott McNealy said Wednesday.

Written by Grant Gross09 March 06 08:22

Victorian transport gets smart about tech, crims

The opening last week of the National Intelligent Transport Systems Centre in Port Melbourne has been a labour of love for technology sponsor NEC Business Solutions.

Written by David Braue06 March 06 11:50

New OpenDocument alliance could've helped MA CIO

A group of more than 35 U.S. and international IT vendors, organizations, academic institutions and industry bodies is due to announce the formation of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) Alliance Friday.

Written by China Martens06 March 06 10:16

WA govt deal slashes $14m off comms spend

Aggregating voice and data services under a new Common Use Arrangement (CUA) is projected to save government agencies in Western Australia up to $14.6 million a year with potential savings of $30 million.

Written by Rodney Gedda03 March 06 08:07

NSW Education begins integration overhaul, flirts with Linux

With a desire to streamline its IT operations, the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) has started an integration project across a number of systems including a Linux database cluster.

Written by Rodney Gedda28 Feb. 06 08:49

NSW government boosts hardware spend to $150m

With an annual spend of around $150 million on PCs, notebooks and servers, the NSW government is polishing up its guidelines for replacing five-year-old contracts which expire in October.

Written by Rodney Gedda24 Feb. 06 10:16

WANs at sea part of Navy comms upgrade

The federal government has given the go-ahead for $55 million so the Australian Navy can buy broadband satellite terminals for five Anzac-class frigates and one guided missile frigate.

Written by Michael Crawford24 Feb. 06 08:51

NT government exploits outsourcing competition

The Northern Territory government's recently announced $150 million desktop services contract with Fujitsu over incumbent CSC is an example of how competition can drive value, according to the department's project director for corporate and information services, Brad Irvine.

Written by Rodney Gedda23 Feb. 06 14:41
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