CSC for sale - part of services consolidation trend

An increasingly tough IT services market has forced CSC to raise a 'for sale' sign with Gartner claiming the move is part of a broader consolidation trend impacting the Australian market.

Written by Sandra Rossi01 May 06 15:44

Smartcard could be a $5 billion noose for government

Federal Cabinet has approved the introduction of an Australian identity card amid claims it could be a $5 billion noose for the government.

Written by Rodney Gedda and Michael Crawford28 April 06 16:56

Child support system in budget blow-out

Queensland's Department of Child Safety has revealed its new Information Renewal Initiative (IRI) will cost $61 million as it expands to accommodate additional agencies.

Written by Rodney Gedda18 April 06 11:27

NSW Health standardizes on Microsoft

NSW Health has announced a three-year deal to standardize all desktops, servers and core infrastructure within local and state health outlets on Microsoft gear.

Written by Michael Crawford13 April 06 10:45

Federal government reviews wireless standards

The Department of Defence is reviewing policy on agency usage of unclassified wireless networks on the back of a US-led mandate.

Written by Michael Crawford13 April 06 08:11

Linux grows among the Lupins in WA

Linux is growing along with the wheat, barley, chickpeas, and lupins in Perenjori, a small shire in Western Australia, thanks to a man named Barry Kauler.

Written by Dahna McConnachie12 April 06 09:27

IT employers least likely to recruit 'mature' workers

The IT&T sector is the least proactive in attracting and retaining mature-aged workers, despite the nation's rapidly ageing workforce and growing skills shortage, according to the latest Hudson report survey.

Written by Dahna McConnachie11 April 06 09:24

Telstra regulation clouds largest suburban fibre project

Second Ponds Creek, the new suburb in Sydney's North West is set to be Australia's largest fibre-to the-premises (FTTP) estate if Telstra gains confidence government regulation won't stifle its return on investment.

Written by Rodney Gedda11 April 06 08:06

Feds, Microsoft sign whole of govt security deal

The Australian federal government has signed a whole-of-government agreement with Microsoft to exchange information on security issues ranging from cyberterrorism and general security bulletins.

Written by Michael Crawford05 April 06 17:11

Victoria begins Web site refresh

Multimedia Victoria has begun a complete Web site refresh project for the portal Victoria online (, with the entire project slated to last around six months.

Written by Computerworld Staff04 April 06 15:32

National Archives readies move to OpenDocument

The Digital Preservation team at the National Archives is looking to migrate its Xena preservation software to the new OpenDocument format with the next release of the software, in turn being the first Australian government agency to do so.

Written by Howard Dahdah31 March 06 12:16

UK poised to move ahead with national ID cards

The British government could soon roll ahead with plans to issue national ID cards after both houses of Parliament reached a compromise Wednesday night on a bill detailing the plan.

Written by Jeremy Kirk31 March 06 11:47

Open source needs suits to win govt business: AGIMO

Open source needs to scuttle the t-shirt and sandal-wearing 'hacker' image and adopt a business-like, influential approach to win more business from government customers, according to an AGIMo's second-in-command.

Written by Rodney Gedda31 March 06 08:40

Feds want hot debate on e-Government strategy

General manager of information and knowledge services in the Attorney General's Department, Graham Fry hopes the e-Government strategy launched on Thursday by the Australian Government Information Office in Canberra will be controversial.

Written by Dahna McConnachie31 March 06 07:55

IT puts its house in order, for business' sake

As IT executives seek to transform their operations into true, corporate assets that can help grow the business at their companies, many are finding that first they must impose much tighter controls over their often vast and unwieldy portfolios of technology projects.

Written by Sandra Rossi27 March 06 06:52

Federal e-mail mandate stalls

Only five agencies across the whole of government have taken steps to comply with a new e-mail mandate which was announced last September.

Written by Michael Crawford24 March 06 11:04

Queensland Transport eyes geospatial data sharing

With a geospatial information system calculating trip distances and fares, Queensland Transport - the department which manages all matters related to roads and travel in the state - is now looking to share more information with other departments to aid planning and government service delivery.

Written by Rodney Gedda23 March 06 08:02

Labor to block inappropriate ISP traffic

Labor announced on Tuesday it will force Internet service providers (ISPs) to block violent and pornographic material.

Written by Sandra Rossi21 March 06 16:06
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