NICTA showcases top projects at opening of ACT lab

Opening its new Canberra laboratory yesterday, NICTA showcased a range of projects including the creation of intelligent devices with the ability to learn.

Written by Sandra Rossi13 Dec. 07 08:31

ACT govt to overhaul financial system

The ACT government will re-implement its Oracle Financials system by consolidating nine separate instances into one.

Written by Rodney Gedda10 Dec. 07 15:52

China to produce 40% of mobile phones in '07

Roughly 500 million of the world's mobile phones, or more than 40 percent of the global total, were or will be produced in China this year, according to the country's Ministry of Information Industry.

Written by Al Sacco06 Dec. 07 18:17

California city rebuilds network using open-source apps

When the city of Madera, California, needed a new voice system, it turned to open-source technology -- not just for the IP telephony but for an entire network-infrastructure overhaul and loads of other functions. All the renovations cost less than half the estimated price of deploying a commercial voice over IP VoIP system alone. This smart, budget-wise use of open source across the network wins the city a 2007 Enterprise All-Star Award.

Written by Tim Greene05 Dec. 07 07:12

Federal Police to outsource software development

Following its decision to establish a panel of general IT service providers earlier this year, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) is now seeking the services of specialist providers to undertake and assist its application development activities.

Written by Rodney Gedda04 Dec. 07 11:06

World first: Aussie astronomers digitally map southern sky

The Australian National University (ANU) is conducting a world-first program to digitally map the southern sky using a specially constructed telescope called Skymapper, and in another global first will provide the data free to the world via a virtual observatory.

Written by Andrew Hendry04 Dec. 07 08:22

IT architecture makes Defence more enterprise-like

Transforming archaic and siloed data and communications systems into coherent, enterprise-wide information services has always been a struggle at the Department of Defence, but a new breed of IT architects is making it happen.

Written by Rodney Gedda28 Nov. 07 16:07

UK data protection minister did not know about breach

The UK government's data protection minister did not know about the huge data breach at HM Revenue and Customs until he heard the chancellor's statement in the Commons on November 20, he has admitted.

Written by Tash Shifrin28 Nov. 07 06:21

South Africa, Netherlands and Korea striding toward ODF

As Microsoft's Office Open XML document format remains in ISO limbo, a trio of countries are pushing forward an adoption of the alternative Open Document Format (ODF) instead, according to an ODF advocacy group.

Written by Eric Lai27 Nov. 07 09:17

Security experts savage UK gov't over data breach

Security experts have criticized HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for creating fraud risks on several fronts when it lost 25 million child benefit records.

Written by Siobhan Chapman22 Nov. 07 08:11

Mailes resigns as SA CIO

The South Australia Government's Chief Information Officer (CIO), Grantly Mailes, tended his resignation late last week, leaving the role after almost three years in the job.

Written by Andrew Hendry19 Nov. 07 15:15

Asia's public sector IT adoption shows strength

Public sector IT spending in Asia (including Japan) has enjoyed steady growth right around the region, according to Springboard Research. Based on its market analysis, Springboard expects IT spending to be $US51.5 billion in 2007, with the market growing at a compound annual rate of 6.9 per cent from 2006 to the end of 2010.

Written by Len Rust19 Nov. 07 08:51

Forget Generations X and Y: Here comes Generation V

Much has been made of the stereotypical characteristics of the generations that followed the Baby Boomer era. The same can be said of the latest generation, but Gartner Inc. warns marketers to define them by their online actions rather than their birth dates. In a report released this week, Gartner said that traditional marketing methods won't work with this new group of consumers.

Written by Heather Havenstein15 Nov. 07 08:00

Foreign Office breached Data Protection Act

The UK Foreign Office has been slammed for breaching the Data Protection Act after a probe by the Information Commissioner into a security flaw on a website used by people applying for UK visas.

Written by Tash Shifrin14 Nov. 07 11:31

AWISE change of guard leading women into IT future

The Australian Women in IT and Science Entity (AWISE) has announced its key leadership roles for 2008, in preparation for the national launch of several projects aimed at boosting the significance of women in the nation's IT industry.

Written by Andrew Hendry14 Nov. 07 07:00

Questions abound on firing of Microsoft's CIO

In addition to the question of what corporate policy now-former Microsoft CIO Stuart Scott violated to lead to his termination by the company on Monday, many other unknowns remain.

Written by Eric Lai09 Nov. 07 06:17
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