Govt agency learns a lesson in open source, an IT government agency for education, has turned to open source software to develop Web services for its flagship portal.

Written by Steven Deare13 Aug. 03 12:09

Anti-US hackers deface Australian government site

An Australian government Web site has been revealed as another victim of Sunday night's Web defacement spree by hacker group The Ghost Boys, with the URLs and hijacked to show anti-US messages.

Written by Julian Bajkowski12 Aug. 03 09:22

CASA to implement new system

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is working on a project to consolidate aviation records and streamline processes for increased organisational efficiency for its 500 users.

Written by Computerworld Staff12 Aug. 03 09:17

War Memorial gets fibre fit-out

Supplementing its “forklift” networking infrastructure upgrade, the Australian War Memorial in Canberra has started transferring data between offices over a private fibre link.

Written by Rodney Gedda11 Aug. 03 13:24

WA govt pilots networked neighbourhoods

The Western Australian government will this month formally announce a Web application project being piloted by 500 households that aims to ‘network’ the neighbourhoods of WA residents.

Written by Steven Deare07 Aug. 03 09:05

Study: Linux nears Windows XP usability

Linux, once viewed as an OS (operating system) only computer geeks could appreciate, is today a much more user-friendly software that companies, public administrations and consumers can master almost as easily as Microsoft's Windows XP. That's the core finding of a study published last Friday by Relevantive AG, a Berlin-based company specializing in consulting companies on the usability of software and Web services.

Written by John Blau05 Aug. 03 08:15

Users slam slow Job Network system

The federal government's beleaguered Job Network system, which went live July 1, is still under fire with users claiming miserably slow response times and persistent outages as the system struggles to cope with 3.2 million transactions daily, according to documents obtained by Computerworld.

Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore31 July 03 08:33

Microsoft studying multilevel security desktops

Microsoft is working with the US government in studying one of the most pressing challenges in federal information security, one that is critically important to future homeland security and information-sharing efforts: multilevel security workstations.

Written by Dan Verton28 July 03 08:26

Inadequate IT contributed to 9/11 intelligence failure

An antiquated IT infrastructure and cultural turf battles among the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and various intelligence agencies resulted in a lack of information sharing and analysis that contributed to the national security community's failure to head off the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to the results of a congressional investigation.

Written by Dan Verton25 July 03 12:11

Open source faces NSW govt evaluation

As governments across Australia debate the ramifications of open source software, the NSW Department of Commerce has set up an open source evaluation project involving some 40 agencies.

Written by Rodney Gedda25 July 03 08:22

Govt to introduce anti-spam legislation

Laws to ban spam will be introduced into Parliament later this year, the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston, said yesterday .

Written by Steven Deare24 July 03 09:10

Medical records go mobile

Australian company Core Medical Solutions has started trialling a wireless implementation of its patient records system – The Boss.

Written by Rodney Gedda18 July 03 10:03

New job network system cops criticism

Recruiting agency members of the federal government's Job Network that were forced to undertake multimillion dollar IT-compliance upgrades have labelled the new system "a dog".

Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore18 July 03 08:00

Cluster wants to open sources

A consortium of Victorian businesses supplying services and technology based on free and open source software are looking to further push the cause of open computing within government agencies and corporate enterprises.

Written by Gerard Norsa17 July 03 11:59

Apple takes aim at government, defence and media

Apple Computer has signalled its intent to play hardball in courting the Australian government and military space. The vendor has announced Tony King as its new Asia-Pacific managing director as well as a specialist Canberra-based sales unit.

Written by Julian Bajkowski15 July 03 15:58

Smart state's e-cluster leverages basics for the big time

Boasting the highest concentration of e-security companies and research facilities outside of North America, the Queensland government and industry are working together to create an e-security cluster that is set to take on the big players in the IT security market.

Written by Sandra Rossi14 July 03 12:43

Staff set free at Australia’s first RFID library

A Sydney council claims to have created Australia’s first, self-serve library using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, as part of a wireless e-commerce strategy.

Written by Steven Deare14 July 03 11:42

WA council sweetens future path

Perth's City of Cockburn Council has replaced its 12-year-old, text-based legacy system with a software suite in a $700,000 project.

Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore08 July 03 10:22

Optus, Telstra ink Qld govt mobile contract

The Queensland government will spend $54 million over the next three years developing mobile communications infrastructure across the state.

Written by Computerworld Staff08 July 03 08:05
  • How government agencies are digitising their workforces

    Australian government departments have been notoriously slow to replace legacy paper-based processes with new, digital services. Digitisation programs amongst agencies have delivered mix results in recent years.


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