Hurd: 'I wish I had asked more questions'

After watching Patricia Dunn, Hewlett-Packard's former chairwoman, field questions from an angry U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee for most of Thursday, HP CEO Mark Hurd finally got his chance to testify, reiterating that he should have done more to stop a boardroom leak investigation that has snowballed into a scandal for the company.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau29 Sept. 06 13:41

Council cuts comms costs with broadband upgrade

Internode has completed the final stage of its hybrid network that uses a solar-powered microwave backbone and wireless technology to bring faster speeds and lower prices to the Coorong region of South Australia.

Written by Mitchell Bingemann29 Sept. 06 12:00

Lawmakers grill HP's Hurd, Dunn

Former Hewlett-Packard Chairwoman Patricia Dunn was assured that methods used by investigators to find the source of leaks from the company's board of directors were legal, she told a U.S. Congress subcommittee Thursday.

Written by Grant Gross29 Sept. 06 09:14

HP approves US$3.7 million severance package for lawyer

Hewlett-Packard's (HP's) board of directors has approved a severance package including US$3.7 million in stock options for its general counsel, who resigned Thursday amid a growing scandal into HP's conduct during an investigation into board leaks.

Written by Grant Gross29 Sept. 06 09:00

HP execs face angry Congress on boardroom scandal

Hewlett-Packard's officials Thursday received a tongue-lashing from members of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, who ridiculed HP officials, saying they have no excuse or justification for snooping on the private telephone records of HP board members and journalists.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau29 Sept. 06 08:49

Immigration awards $200m contract to IBM

The Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs yesterday announced a three-year deal with IBM for core technology services as part of its $495 million Systems for People project.

Written by Michael Crawford29 Sept. 06 07:55

Port Authority begins ECM rollout

The Townsville Port Authority in Queensland has inked an enterprise content management (ECM) deal with Objective Corporation.

Written by Natasha Jayasinghe28 Sept. 06 16:34

HP CEO calls pretexting probe a 'rogue' investigation

Hewlett-Packard chief executive officer (CEO) Mark Hurd blamed the scandal that has besieged his company on "a rogue investigation" that got out of hand, in an advance copy of his Congressional testimony released by a House Subcommittee on Wednesday.

Written by Robert Mullins28 Sept. 06 10:24

House panel subpoenas data brokers for HP hearing

A U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee probing the Hewlett-Packard (HP) pretexting case has issued more subpoenas to compel witness testimony at a Thursday hearing.

Written by Robert Mullins28 Sept. 06 08:40

As HP scandal unfolds, Hurd's power grows

Hewlett Packard Co.'s boardroom scandal has turned into opportunity for CEO and President Mark Hurd who, with his appointment Friday as board chairman, gained more power in his efforts to set HP's strategic direction.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau26 Sept. 06 15:36

Leakage Problem Means Cards Will Never Be Secure

A fierce and prominent opponent of the Hawke government's 1987 plans to introduce a national identity card says nothing has changed technologically in the intervening years that would make a smart card today any more secure than the Australia Card proposed then.

Written by Sue Bushell26 Sept. 06 12:26

House panel on HP scandal adds second day of hearings

The US House of Representatives Subcommittee looking into the HP boardroom spying scandal has added a second day of hearings and issued subpoenas for some witnesses.

Written by Robert Mullins26 Sept. 06 08:20

Chamber of commerce urges airports to accommodate laptops

ABL State Chamber has sent an open letter to the Federal Minister for Transport, Warren Truss, and the CEOs of Australian airlines seeking urgent storage provisions for laptops on planes.

Written by Darren Pauli25 Sept. 06 15:40

HP lawyer gives blow-by-blow of leak probe

An attorney hired by Hewlett-Packard to investigate the conduct of HP and outside investigators has provided new details of his firm's investigation of news leaks from the HP board.

Written by Robert Mullins25 Sept. 06 08:05

Dunn steps down from HP board

Hewlett-Packard CEO and President Mark Hurd late Friday said HP Board Chairman Patricia Dunn is stepping down immediately from the board as the company continues an investigation into past efforts to plug corporate leaks.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau and Ken Mingis25 Sept. 06 07:04

SEC broadens probe of HP

Hewlett-Packard has entered into mutual agreements with two former directors caught up in the board spying scandal not to file lawsuits over the dispute.

Written by Robert Mullins22 Sept. 06 13:05

Procurement professionals push innovation

Innovation and procurement is the theme of this year's Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) conference to be held in Melbourne next month.

Written by Natasha Jayasinghe22 Sept. 06 08:54

Report: Hurd knew of planned deception campaign

Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Hurd knew of plans for a disinformation campaign designed to find the source of leaks from boardroom discussions, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Written by Steven Schwankert22 Sept. 06 08:47

National museum halves payroll processing time

The National Museum of Australia has installed a new human resources information system (HRIS) which has reduced payroll processing by more than 50 percent.

Written by Natasha Jayasinghe21 Sept. 06 16:17
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