Satyam board meeting ends inconclusively

The board of scandal-ridden Satyam Computer Services met again on Friday without arriving at a solution to the company's liquidity crisis, or selecting a new management team for the company.

Written by John Ribeiro27 Jan. 09 10:49

Twitter says purported White House account was a fake

For more than a year, an @TheWhiteHouse account on Twitter's microblogging site was used to dutifully send out more than 1,500 alerts about speeches, press briefings and other Bush administration news. The Twitter account's claim that it was officially sanctioned by the White House appeared believable, if only because it was so earnest — and boring.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau27 Jan. 09 10:26

Union: IBM layoff count nearing 3000 this week

Microsoft and Sun Microsystems aren't the only top IT vendors laying off employees. IBM may have quietly let more than 2800 workers go, according to the Alliance@IBM union, which expects even more job cuts at the company.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau27 Jan. 09 09:45

Startup provides commercial support for Lucene-based search

Startup Lucid Imagination is banking on the belief there's a market in commercial support for enterprise search applications built with the popular open-source Lucene and Solr projects.

Written by Chris Kanaracus27 Jan. 09 09:01

Talend eyes master data management, parallelism

Open source data integration vendor Talend is planning to release a master data management product by the end of the year, as well as to offer a massively parallel processing architecture in current products, according to company executives.

Written by Paul Krill27 Jan. 09 08:52

Microsoft delivers IE8 release candidate

As expected, Microsoft Monday launched a release candidate of Internet Explorer 8, the first update to the browser since last August.

Written by Gregg Keizer27 Jan. 09 08:04

Obama plan says cyber infrastructure is 'strategic'

The Obama administration has published a high-level plan to protect U.S. computer networks, saying it considers cyber infrastructure "a strategic asset" and will appoint a cyber adviser who will report directly to the president.

Written by Robert McMillan26 Jan. 09 12:17

Google Q4 earnings plummet, revenue up 18%

Google's profit took a dive in the fourth quarter, which ended Dec. 31, while revenue grew almost 20 percent, the company announced Thursday.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez26 Jan. 09 11:15

Anonymous postings give clues to where MS is cutting jobs

Microsoft is laying off employees in the divisions that make its Zune music player , Microsoft Office software, and Live Search site, but not in the group preparing its Windows 7 operating system, according to anonymous postings Thursday by purported Microsoft employees.

Written by Eric Lai23 Jan. 09 09:48

Ballmer: Microsoft strained to minimize layoffs

While Microsoft plans to eventually eliminate up to 5,000 jobs, including 1,400 cuts to be made Thursday, it is doing its best to minimize the impact on employees as well as its ongoing strategic efforts, CEO Steve Ballmer said.

Written by Eric Lai23 Jan. 09 05:41

Slow Vista sales hit MS revenues as netbooks gain ground

Sales of Windows desktop software dropped 8 percent last quarter compared to a year ago, while Microsoft's server division revenues were up 15 percent, illustrating the rejection of Windows Vista and the acceptance of Windows Server 2008, an analyst said Thursday morning.

Written by Gregg Keizer23 Jan. 09 05:38

Intel to shut four plants, lay off 6,000

Amidst a bevy of bad news in the PC market, Intel took two corrective steps this week, aggressively slashing prices on chips on Monday and announcing today that it will close four chip plants and cut as many as 6,000 jobs.

Written by Eric Lai23 Jan. 09 01:48

Obama makes quick move to update

Inauguration day historically is known as being all about a peaceful passage of power. But a change of administration wasn't the only change happening as President Barack Obama took his oath of office.

Written by Sharon Gaudin22 Jan. 09 14:40

Blogger: Obama to get 'super-encrypted' BlackBerry

President Barack Obama will keep using a BlackBerry for e-mails, protected with a special encryption package created by government spooks, probably the National Security Agency, according to Marc Ambinder, a political blogger with The Atlantic.

Written by John Cox22 Jan. 09 13:33

NBN experts submit regulatory review to govt

A six-week review into the regulatory environment for Australia's looming National Broadband Network (NBN) has been completed and received by the federal government.

Written by Darren Pauli22 Jan. 09 12:42

Twitter, search robots get welcomes from Obama White House

President Barack Obama's stated plan to create a "Google for government" began Tuesday with a makeover that was announced via a blog entry on the redesigned Web site and a Twitter post.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau22 Jan. 09 12:35

Internet, wireless hold up well on Inauguration Day

Streaming Internet video of the inauguration of President Barack Obama jammed Internet links and news Web sites, and wireless carriers reported a deluge of calls, but problems seemed to be minor.

Written by Matt Hamblen22 Jan. 09 11:42
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