United Nations looks to SAP for ERP system

The United Nations may be on the verge of installing an ERP system from SAP AG, potentially resulting in one of the largest public-sector deployments to date for the Walldorf, Germany-based software vendor.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau19 Jan. 09 09:00

Obama plans to keep his BlackBerry

President-elect Barack Obama told CNN he had a plan to "hang onto" his beloved BlackBerry, but did not explain how he would overcome legal and security concerns..

Written by Matt Hamblen19 Jan. 09 08:43

Symantec releases patch for application delivery program

Symantec and the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team are warning about a serious vulnerability within the company's AppStream product, used for steaming applications from a central server to thin-client desktops, though a patch has been released.

Written by Jeremy Kirk19 Jan. 09 08:10

Satyam board meets again, still no plan

The newly reconstituted board of financially troubled Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services met for the second time on Saturday, and the company's future remains unclear.

Written by John Ribeiro19 Jan. 09 08:08

Protecting Against the Rampant Conficker Worm

Businesses worldwide are under attack from a highly infectious computer worm that has infected almost 9 million PCs, according to antivirus company F-Secure.

Written by Erik Larkin17 Jan. 09 10:40

Lenovo clarifies Singapore - Beijing shift

Computer maker Lenovo has clarified reports that it is shifting its Asia Pacific (AP) headquarters from Singapore to Beijing, saying that many HQ functions, including some Asia Pacific ones, would still remain in Singapore.

Written by Ross O. Storey16 Jan. 09 11:38

Jobs' departure ignites a firestorm of opinion

The sudden announcement that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a medical leave of absence has the Web abuzz with ominous predictions, abrasive judgments, and maybe even a few conspiracy theories. It would appear that the ongoing-and certainly sad-saga of the iconic Jobs' health battles has raised hackles of many a blogger, with much of the ire directed at Apple's handling of the affair.

Written by Jeff Bertolucci16 Jan. 09 11:19

Encryption programs open to kernel hack

Many popular Windows encryption programs that hide files inside mounted volumes could be fatally compromised by a new type of attack uncovered by a German researcher.

Written by John E. Dunn16 Jan. 09 09:43

Google unwraps Apps partner program

Google on Wednesday detailed a new program under which resellers can now offer Google Apps to businesses -- effectively meaning that companies considering the alternative to Microsoft Office don't have to go it alone. But the search giant has yet to prove its strength in supporting a partner ecosystem that could bring enterprises much needed assurances.

Written by Tom Sullivan16 Jan. 09 09:39

Micro Focus shows way to extend Cobol to the cloud

There's life in legacy Cobol applications yet. A new offering from Micro Focus will enable companies to use applications written in the language within cloud computing environments.

Written by Maxwell Cooter16 Jan. 09 09:10

In a down economy, SaaS revenues rise

The economic downturn has been punishing to many IT vendors, but not software-as-a-service vendors. SaaS providers are seeing double-digit growth in their subscription revenue, according to a new study by Forrester Research Inc.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau16 Jan. 09 07:16

Forrester: Be careful negotiating SaaS contracts

As SaaS (software as a service) applications continue to gain momentum, customers should take certain precautions when negotiating contracts, a Forrester Research analyst said on Thursday.

Written by Chris Kanaracus16 Jan. 09 05:59

Tata's profit dips, revenue flat in difficult market

India's largest outsourcer, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), reported for the quarter ended Dec. 31 flat growth in dollar revenue and an 18 percent drop in profits compared to the same quarter a year earlier.

Written by John Ribeiro16 Jan. 09 04:43

Court orders White House to preserve e-mail

A US judge has ordered employees of President George Bush in the White House to search for and preserve e-mail messages on their workstations and other storage devices.

Written by Grant Gross16 Jan. 09 04:12

SAP upgrades proceeding but maintenance end a factor

A new vendor-sponsored survey finds that some European and North American SAP customers are largely continuing with ERP (enterprise resource planning) system upgrades amid the global economic downturn. But the main reason cited was the end of vendor maintenance for their product versions.

Written by Chris Kanaracus16 Jan. 09 04:00

Salesforce launches Service Cloud

Salesforce has repurposed the customer-service software acquired through its August 2008 purchase of InstraNet into a new offering called the Service Cloud, the company announced Thursday.

Written by Chris Kanaracus16 Jan. 09 01:59

DIAC culls 60 contractors for permanent staff

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) cut 60 ICT contractor positions for permanent staff following recommendations in the Gershon Review.

Written by Darren Pauli15 Jan. 09 10:01

Yahoo taps Bartz as CEO, Decker walks

Yahoo said on Tuesday it has chosen former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz as its next CEO to replace Jerry Yang, who announced his intention to step down in November.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez15 Jan. 09 08:15
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