Uni moves to disk DR, virtual servers

The University of Wollongong, south of Sydney, has moved from a tape-based backup system to disk-based NAS dramatically reducing restoration times and allowing for inter-site disaster recovery.

Written by Rodney Gedda23 Aug. 07 14:34

Software as service draws interest

Software as a service is forecast by Gartner to grow at 22.1 percent until 2011 for the aggregate enterprise application software markets -- more than double the 9 percent growth rate expected in the market as a whole.

Written by Stuart Lauchlan20 Aug. 07 09:19

Democrats introduce data security breach bill to parliament

South Australian Democrats Senator, Natasha Stott Despoja, today introduced a private Bill to parliament seeking the introduction of laws which force businesses to notify consumers of a data security breach involving their personal information.

Written by Sandra Rossi16 Aug. 07 11:24

IIA welcomes Howard's $189 million Internet plan

The IIA's CEO Peter Coroneos has welcomed the Federal Government's plan to protect Australians online following prime minister John Howard's recent announcement of an $189 million plan to improve Internet safety by using filtering services to ISPs and providing free software for home use.

Written by Ash Lawrenz15 Aug. 07 12:02

National ID? How about a global ID?

The Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems (FiXs) -- a little-known group of non-profits, government contractors, commercial entities, and government agencies -- has recently unveiled a first-of-its-kind global infrastructure to support distributed, integrated identity management and cross-credentialing across organizations. The implementation combines several existing security technologies along with a set of trusted models, policies, and operating rules to insure the accurate identity of personnel accessing physical sites or logical systems.

Written by Maggie Biggs15 Aug. 07 12:02

Linux dances with penguins' Happy Feet

In an interesting tale of penguins giving life to penguins, the smash hit animated feature film Happy Feet was creating with Linux servers and desktops, in addition to Windows 2000 and XP.

Written by Rodney Gedda13 Aug. 07 15:59

Mainframes suffer from skills shortages

Mainframes are getting so easy to manage that fewer people are required, according to a recent report - but there remains a big skills gap despite IBM's efforts to improve the situation.

Written by Manek Dubash13 Aug. 07 10:02

IceTV wins copyright case against Channel 9

The Federal Court has dismissed Channel 9's case against IceTV, ruling on Thursday that the company does not infringe copyright against the broadcaster.

Written by Ash Lawrenz09 Aug. 07 18:28

Government Considers Web Blogs

The Australian federal government is seriously evaluating the pros and cons of Web blogs as it looks to enhance consultation and citizen engagement.

Written by Sue Bushell09 Aug. 07 14:29

Mozilla pushes security in Firefox 3.0

Mozilla's next update to Firefox will sport several new safer surfing features, the company's chief of security said Wednesday, but users won't see the most important changes.

Written by Gregg Keizer08 Aug. 07 22:34

Westpac's outsourcing architects show true colours

The big bang outsourcing contracts made famous by the big banks over the past decade may have been a one-off occurrence, according to the architect of Westpac's famed multi-billion deal with IBM.

Written by Rodney Gedda07 Aug. 07 11:33

Australia still an IT follower, not leader, says study

While a recent study released by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) identified Australia as amongst the best in the world when it comes to IT infrastructure and global competitiveness, a Catch 22 between research and development (R&D) and the IT skills shortage has cemented the country as a follower rather than an innovator.

Written by Mitchell Bingemann06 Aug. 07 08:01

Police employ palm readers to investigate crime

Law enforcement agencies will have access to advanced biometrics and nationwide databases containing information on DNA and "persons-of-interest" as part of a plan to tighten department collaboration investigations by July 2008.

Written by Darren Pauli03 Aug. 07 16:20

ICT industry support Victorian government reshuffle

Following the surprise resignation of Victorian Premier, Steve Brack, the ICT industry has welcomed this week's Cabinet reshuffle with Theo Theophanous taking on the role of ICT Minister.

Written by Sandra Rossi03 Aug. 07 15:43

Testing times for slack software development

Local businesses are wasting up to 50 percent of software development budgets because they lack the resources, tools and knowledge to conduct efficient software testing, according to market analysts.

Written by Darren Pauli02 Aug. 07 16:08

Nairn wants more women in IT

Special Minister of State Gary Nairn will launch a program tomorrow to increase the number of women in ICT-related professions.

Written by Rodney Gedda02 Aug. 07 16:03

CEOs claim company culture is linked to performance

Just a few short years ago, CSC Australia chief Mike Shove thought he had to play the role of tough guy to deal with financial pressure the organization was facing in a highly competitive outsourcing market.

Written by Sandra Rossi02 Aug. 07 15:57
  • How government agencies are digitising their workforces

    Australian government departments have been notoriously slow to replace legacy paper-based processes with new, digital services. Digitisation programs amongst agencies have delivered mix results in recent years.


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