IDC study: Content management market is booming

The content management software market in the Asia Pacific region could be worth US$362 million by 2012, according to a study from research firm IDC.

Written by Jack Loo28 Aug. 08 10:29

US Terror threat system crippled by technical flaws

A US House subcommittee is charging that a US$500 million IT project intended to "connect the dots" on terrorists and help prevent another 9/11 is a failure; it can't even handle basic Boolean search terms, such as "and, or and not."

Written by Patrick Thibodeau28 Aug. 08 09:53

Opposition calls for separation, likens NBN process to Mugabe politics

Shadow Communications Minister Bruce Billson yesterday called on the nation’s telecommunications industry to adopt a less combative and more collaborative approach to the NBN debate. He also told attendees at the 2008 Australian Telecommunications Summit that the opposition backed the call for a structurally separate NBN proponent.

Written by Andrew Hendry28 Aug. 08 09:06

New iPhone Business Apps: Designing for Usefulness

When Apple launched its new App Store earlier this year, the assumption was that scads of businesses would develop applications for their iPhone-toting customers. Although there are more than 60 apps in the App Store's Business category, virtually no big-name companies have bothered to cough up one of their own. Since Apple plans to make at least 40 million iPhones in the next year, many of which will no doubt end up being used in the workplace, what's the holdup?

Written by Lisa Hoover26 Aug. 08 10:31

Transparency key recommendation in new privacy guidelines

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has issued a practical guide to businesses and government agencies showing them how best to respond in the event of a personal information security breach.

Written by Howard Dahdah25 Aug. 08 12:52

Wi-Fi wants to be free, but not all businesses agree

There's been an explosion in growth of Wi-Fi hotspots during the last several years. Best-guess estimates range from 33,000 WLAN hotspots worldwide to more than 250,000 at present.

Written by Thomas Wailgum21 Aug. 08 11:54

Privacy laws to address the human side of IT

The Australian Law Reform Commission this week concluded its largest ever research and public consultation exercise ever with the launch of its report For Your Information: Australian Privacy Law and Practice, which recommends a re-write of the nation's 20-year-old privacy laws to keep pace with the information age.

Written by Andrew Hendry13 Aug. 08 12:55

How the feds are locking down their networks

The US federal government is locking down its networks through an ambitious and fast-paced effort to eliminate connections to the Internet that are vulnerable to attack.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan12 Aug. 08 08:52

ICT industry's 2020 vision: 25,000 vacant jobs

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) on Monday released a report indicating that ICT skills shortages will grow to 14,000 jobs by 2010, and will continue to reach 25,000 by 2020 unless government and industry heighten collaboration to ease the skills shortages.

Written by Andrew Hendry11 Aug. 08 14:15

Defence IT in 2020

Almost five months ago, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and 1000 delegates representing industries including health, security, and the arts converged on Canberra for the 2020 Summit.

Written by Darren Pauli11 Aug. 08 08:30

VMware Remains Only Holdout on Multi-vendor Virtual Server Management

Managing both the hardware and software of rivals has been a standard feature for management software vendors for years. Only recently however, have virtualization vendors begun to follow suit -- offering the ability to manage not only their own virtual server environments, but those of competitors as well.

Written by Deni Connor08 Aug. 08 08:18

ITIL deployment gets Murdoch Uni's IT support back on track

Murdoch University in WA is currently winding up an ITIL deployment that began late last year and has since "revolutionized" the way the university's IT support and services department manages its IT processes and assists its thousands of end users.

Written by Andrew Hendry06 Aug. 08 13:45

Regulatory compliance tops issues facing IT managers

Regulatory compliance will be the top business and technology issue facing IT managers and executives worldwide in the next 12 to 18 months, with a major emphasis on protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and transaction monitoring.

Written by Andrew Hendry05 Aug. 08 14:25

CSIRO develops technology that goes where GPS can't

The CSIRO has developed a new wireless localisation system with the ability to track, sense and communicate in areas where GPS and other wireless technologies cannot work.

Written by Andrew Hendry31 July 08 12:33

Sorting out the facts in the Terry Childs case

It's been nearly three weeks since Terry Childs was arrested on four counts of computer tampering and sent to jail on US$5 million bail. In those three weeks, this event has taken turns to the strange, and wound up firmly in the land of the absurd. From bombastic claims in the press to midnight visits by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to pages of functional usernames and passwords entered into the public record, this case has certainly proven engaging.

Written by Paul Venezia31 July 08 08:12

Critics claim govt's porn filtering will fail

A glowing report on the government's national Internet content filtering scheme has again outraged telecommunications providers and privacy advocates who declared the results biased and worthless.

Written by Darren Pauli29 July 08 13:33

City missed steps to avoid network lockout

The high-profile sabotage this month of the city of San Francisco's fiber backbone network clearly shows both the extent of damage a disgruntled employee can cause and the need for controls to mitigate the risk of such actions.

Written by Jaikumar Vijayan29 July 08 08:37

Web 2.0 must be embraced for competitiveness

Organizations must embrace Web 2.0 technologies to remain competitive, but also be aware of potential threats and compliance issues. Alan Calder, chief executive of risk management consultants IT Governance has completed a report on the benefits and risks associated with Web 2.0 and told CIO they found serious issues at the board level.

Written by Mark Chillingworth25 July 08 13:20

Virtual-Server Vendors' Apps Manage Competing Products

Virtual-server vendors are following the example of systems-management and physical-server vendors by expanding their management applications to control not only their own virtual server environments, but those of their competitors.

Written by Deni Connor24 July 08 08:33
  • After 44 years of evolution, Australian telecommunications’ next business enabler is expected to be the nbn™ broadband access network

    Two 22-year cycles of reform first consolidated, then deregulated Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure. As the third cycle begins, the nbn™ access network is expected to become a key driver for business innovation into the future.

    business nbn™

    NBN Co supports the needs of Australian business with the establishment of a dedicated team – business nbn™. The business nbn™ team works with service providers and the broader industry to create purpose-built wholesale products and services to allow service providers to better support medium and large organisations. By providing open-access connectivity on non-discriminatory terms to all service providers, NBN Co intends to help create a level-playing field fostering a competitive business market that has historically been dominated by a very small number of players.

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