India concerned about Google Maps

The easy availability online of detailed maps of countries from services such as Google Earth can be misused by terrorists, according to Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Written by John Ribeiro18 Oct. 05 09:30 readers slam pro-Microsoft column

Readers of have blasted a Sept. 30 column criticizing Massachusetts' decision to support an open document format for its published documents, a move that would limit or even eliminate the use of Microsoft's Office software in state government agencies.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano14 Oct. 05 12:03

Tenders announced for WA government's shared services plan

Local IT company ASG Group has joined forces with the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to be appointed preferred tenderer to supply hardware and services to the Western Australian government under its shared services plan.

Written by Sandra Rossi13 Oct. 05 07:55

Nuclear scientists dump Telstra, call on VoIP

Telstra is set to be the first casualty of a move by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) to upgrade to IP telephony.
With its migration to a VoIP-enabled network infrastructure all but complete Russell Tuckwell, ANSTO's chief information officer, confirmed the organization will go to tender next year.

Written by Rodney Gedda11 Oct. 05 09:03

Council looks to technology for transformation

Queensland's Ipswich City Council has signed a four-year contract worth $37 million for a project which includes the deployment of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Written by Computerworld Staff07 Oct. 05 07:57

Call for national workplace surveillance legislation

Victorian government is keen to follow NSW's move this month on workplace surveillance legislation but has gone one step further by calling for uniform laws to be enacted across the entire nation.

Written by Sandra Rossi06 Oct. 05 11:55

Give government ICT image a makeover: federal CIO

When it comes to an intellectually satisfying and financially rewarding career in ICT, the federal government has an image problem and could do with a marketing makeover, according to Australian government CIO Ann Steward.

Written by Julian Bajkowski30 Sept. 05 08:52

Government employees to road test smartcards

Federal government employees will become human guinea pigs as a preliminary test to an Australia-wide rollout of smartcards federal government services delivery under a proposal floated by Special Minister of State, Senator Eric Abetz.

Written by Julian Bajkowski28 Sept. 05 15:25

Teleworkers tire of being always-on

The always-on employee working for the 24x7 company is slowly learning to despise the concept of mobility and working from home, according to a Sensis survey released this week.

Written by Michael Crawford23 Sept. 05 10:01

Beware of quick and easy wins

IT managers using low-hanging fruit, quick runs on the board and easy wins to sell the virtues of new technology deployments to management need to ensure they are not creating lemons in the process.

Written by Julian Bajkowski23 Sept. 05 08:05

Liberty Alliance urges standard for UK ID card plan

As the U.K. government moves ahead with a national identification card plan, it should be based on open standards, the executive director of the Liberty Alliance said at a press briefing in London.

Written by Jeremy Kirk22 Sept. 05 07:36

Telstra sale gets go ahead

The federal government has received the all clear to sell its majority stake in Telstra after all five sale bills were passed by both houses of federal parliament last week.

Written by Computerworld Staff16 Sept. 05 10:38

Govt procurement models up for debate

Australia's most prominent government CIOs and IT ministers will add their expertise to an open panel debate on the most critical issues facing the IT industry later this month.

Written by Michael Crawford16 Sept. 05 09:52

'HAL 9000' deleted 1 million UK tax records

The U.K.'s Inland Revenue department accidentally deleted almost 1 million taxpayer records from the years 1997 to 2000 because of an error in the way it maintained its databases, according to a report published Thursday.

Written by James Niccolai12 Sept. 05 08:45

Group urges IT open standards in report

A road map aimed at guiding governments and companies in the development of open information and communication technologies was presented Friday at a World Bank meeting in New York by a group comprised of academics, government officials and industry representatives. The Open ePolicy Group contends that the adoption of open standards is vital to global economic growth and innovation.

Written by Nancy Weil12 Sept. 05 07:32

IBM, New York county team up to fight Medicaid waste, fraud

Erie County has decided to take part in a program developed by IBM and the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) to detect Medicaid fraud using advanced mathematical algorithms developed by IBM researchers.

Written by Linda Rosencrance08 Sept. 05 09:01

HR outsourcing finds heavy-hitting fans

Globally, human resources (HR) outsourcing is picking up steam with the likes of Pepsi, Whirlpool and other big names choosing to use service providers to avoid stressing already stretched IT staff.

Written by Sandra Rossi and Patrick Thibodeau05 Sept. 05 11:51

Immigration restructures IT post-Palmer

Senior public servants rarely shed tears in public, yet several had trouble concealing their emotions when Department of Immigration, Multiculturism and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) outgoing chief information officer Cheryl Hannah took the stage at a government IT conference in Canberra last week.

Written by Julian Bajkowski02 Sept. 05 09:52

US state plans to abandon Microsoft Office

Massachusetts unveiled plans to phase out Microsoft's Office in favor of office productivity suites that support an open-document format from the OASIS standards body, according to a statement on the commonwealth's Web site.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano02 Sept. 05 08:18
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