FBI trying to salvage $170 million software package

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will attempt to salvage parts of a US$170 million case-management software package despite growing criticism that the 4-year-old project doesn't work as expected.

Written by Grant Gross17 Jan. 05 08:35

Federal guns database takes aim at states

Emboldened by its Senate majority, the federal government is pushing ahead with a proposed national database to monitor firearms and their owners in Australia, with Justice Minister Chris Ellison describing the project as a "radical overhaul" of firearms licensing, registration and tracking.

Written by Michael Crawford14 Jan. 05 08:27

Qld govt inks $8m Microsoft support deal

The Queensland government has signed a three-year, $8 million agreement with Microsoft Australia to access software support services, the state's Minister for public works, housing and racing Robert Schwarten announced today.

Written by Computerworld Staff12 Jan. 05 15:22

Feds called in over Trojan tax scam

E-mail scammers have shifted their sights from a staple diet of banks, betting shops and auction sites to government agencies, with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) calling in Australian Federal Police over a spam deluge that tries to send taxpayers to Trojan-infected Web sites.

Written by Julian Bajkowski11 Jan. 05 15:19

Tag ,You're Late

Why Wal-Mart's suppliers won't make the January 1 deadline for RFID tagging.

Written by Thomas Wailgum20 Dec. 04 11:30

Hacker in Lowe's case sentenced to nine years

Two 21-year-old Michigan men were sentenced -- one to nine years and one to 26 months in federal prison -- for conspiring to hack into the IT systems of national home center chain Lowe's Companies and stealing customer credit card information.

Written by Todd R. Weiss20 Dec. 04 09:14

Howard has each-way bet on Telstra sale timing

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has moved to allay growing National Party fears the sale of Telstra will go ahead prior to adequate telecommunication service levels being delivered to regional and rural subscribers.

Written by Julian Bajkowski15 Dec. 04 09:11

Government review finds humans better experts than software

A Federal government review of so-called expert systems software used by public servants making policy decisions has found the software is useful but recommended human beings should ultimately retain control and responsibility over decision-making rather than computers.

Written by Michael Crawford13 Dec. 04 13:50

IBM looks to keep customers after PC division sale

Now that IBM has decided to sell its PC division to China-based Lenovo Group, the company must now try to keep its corporate and government customers -- who helped make IBM the third largest PC vendor in the world -- from moving off of its standard-setting brand.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau10 Dec. 04 08:01

Telstra scores $185M Centrelink voice contract

After a six-month delay Centrelink has finally awarded its managed voice services contract to incumbent Telstra in a contract worth $185 million over five years.

Written by Julian Bajkowski08 Dec. 04 08:13

IBM in Euro 25M deal to overhaul Spanish health service

IBM has entered an agreement to overhaul health service information systems in Spain, as part of a deal designed to ease management and patient administration across 14 hospitals, 107 clinics and 300 local doctor's offices.

Written by Scarlet Pruitt07 Dec. 04 07:43

Customs puts EDS on notice with strategic review

For the second time this month, embattled IT services giant EDS is fighting for its public sector life as government agencies activate sunset clauses on the last of its big-bang outsourcing deals.

Written by Julian Bajkowski03 Dec. 04 11:15

Ziggy finally hangs up at Telstra

After a year of internal white-anting and a fortnight of back-stabbing leaks, Telstra CEO Ziggy Switkowski has finally called it a day.

Written by Julian Bajkowski02 Dec. 04 08:00

Unix pros get a free taste of Linux skills

Red Hat will be offering free, half-day training sessions in mid December to help Unix professionals transfer their skills to Linux.

Written by Dahna McConnachie30 Nov. 04 13:49

UK's Blair tries to allay fears over ID card database

U.K. Prime Minster Tony Blair attempted to quell growing concern over the security of the country's national identity program by threatening jail time for anyone caught tampering with the project's massive database.

Written by Laura Rohde30 Nov. 04 08:14

UK government hit with another large computer failure

IT system failures continued to plague the U.K. government last week, when as many as 80,000 civil servants working for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) had to deal with what is being described in the local press as the biggest computer crash in government history.

Written by Laura Rohde29 Nov. 04 08:02