Black Friday launch for SCADA security roadshow

As of Friday May 13 2005, Australia's numerous utility providers will feel the helping hand of the government over the coming months, with a series of free, special workshops to skill SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) users on the finer points of IT security and critical infrastructure.

Written by Julian Bajkowski25 Feb. 05 10:08

Oracle chairman to meet Australian users

Oracle chairman Jeff Henley arrives in Australia next week to meet PeopleSoft customers and reassure users the company will stand firm on bold promises it has already made such as maintaining product support right through to 2013.

Written by Sandra Rossi24 Feb. 05 08:19

Skills drought shifts Tax project to Melbourne

A drought of IT skills in the nation's capital has seen the Australian Tax Office (ATO) forced to shift a showcase software development project from Canberra to Melbourne because the agency is unable to fill 100 new positions required to complete the project on time in the nation's capital.

Written by Julian Bajkowski22 Feb. 05 15:32

Study: CIOs cooperate better and expect to spend more

Business executives and IT departments are increasingly finding ways to put their differences aside when it comes to addressing the information technology needs of a company, according to a survey of chief information officers (CIOs) and business managers.

Written by Laura Rohde22 Feb. 05 08:25

Queensland Transport surveys road to Linux

In an effort to consolidate its server architectures and platforms, Queensland Transport will evaluate migrating some 300 NetWare, Solaris, and Windows systems over to Linux, according to the department's IT innovation and planning unit leader Sam Higgins.

Written by Rodney Gedda22 Feb. 05 08:07

'Smart state' slams Beattie - IT industry wants action

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie has enraged the state's IT industry by approving a 10-year, multi-million dollar contract extension to German behemoth SAP without going to tender.

Written by Michael Crawford22 Feb. 05 08:05

Telstra CIO quits, IT operations under review

Telstra CIO Jeff Smith, the man who brought offshoring IT into the Australian vernacular, has quit his post amidst market rumours of wholesale lay-offs to come prior to the federal government's May Budget.

Written by Julian Bajkowski21 Feb. 05 07:50

Transport dept calls for AusLink Web site

The Department of Transport and Regional Services has called for tenders to develop a Web site as part of the IT strategy for the federal government's AusLink program.

Written by Michael Crawford17 Feb. 05 15:23

Death of ICT pioneer

ICT industry pioneer Tony Benson died on Friday, February 11 after a four-month battle with cancer.

Written by Siobhan McBride15 Feb. 05 08:10

Judge questions impact of settlement

A U.S. district court judge on Wednesday praised Microsoft for efforts to improve technical documentation for its communications protocols, but questioned the effect in the marketplace of her final judgment in the U.S. government's antitrust case against the software giant.

Written by Grant Gross10 Feb. 05 11:46

Late night chat set to save lives

Doctors in Australia and the UK now have a late-night "chat lifeline" that can save lives by providing them with immediate medical information.

Written by Steven Deare09 Feb. 05 14:42

Southern Rural Water connects staff with DataWorks

Victorian government authority Southern Rural Water (SRW) was looking for ways to improve staff efficiency and communications, and to provide a consistent method of capturing and distributing information across the organization.

Written by Siobhan McBride09 Feb. 05 09:10

ACA considers private band management

The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) is mulling over the possibility of industry, community or other government organizations managing some radio frequency spectrum bands and has released a discussion paper.

Written by Computerworld Staff08 Feb. 05 09:05

Coonan calls for new IT industry metrics

Dissatisfied with the competing opinions of IT lobby groups, vendors, peak bodies and bush electorates, federal Communications Minister Senator Helen Coonan wants even more statistics on the state of Australia's ICT industry, with a study now commissioned a to come up with them.

Written by Julian Bajkowski08 Feb. 05 08:37

NSW names first CIO

NSW Government announced the appointment today of Paul Edgecumbe as the state's first chief information officer.

Written by Sandra Rossi07 Feb. 05 16:04

Courts measure justice with Linux

Legal professionals in NSW will soon access NSW court reference material via the new Judicial Information Research System (JIRS) application developed entirely in-house with Linux and open source technologies.

Written by Rodney Gedda02 Feb. 05 14:39

IT's not sexy enough to fill uni courses

Completion of first-round offers for university placements across the country has revealed a serious decline in IT course enrolments.

Written by Siobhan McBride01 Feb. 05 09:07

Feds review IT contractor laws

In a move that will recast the IT employment market across Australia, Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews is to introduce sweeping legislation to wrest the power to define the employment conditions of IT contractors away from state governments.

Written by Julian Bajkowski31 Jan. 05 07:45

DOD seized 60TB in search for Iraq battle plan leak

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) seized hundreds of computers and around 60T bytes of data as part of an investigation into how details of the U.S. invasion plan for Operation Iraqi Freedom were leaked to The New York Times, a DOD official said.

Written by Paul Roberts31 Jan. 05 07:39

ACA to release new privacy guidelines

The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) is to clamp down on businesses using public telephone directories for marketing purposes and will release new privacy guidelines next month.

Written by Rodney Gedda28 Jan. 05 09:36