GlaxoSmithKline deal highlights overseas launch by Microsoft

Microsoft officially launched its Business Productivity Online Suite outside of the US on Monday, headlined by a deal with GlaxoSmithKline as its first major customer for the hosted communications software suite.

Written by Eric Lai03 March 09 09:56

Recession Pares IT Budgets, but CIOs Keep Projects on Track

As the economic recession continues to deepen, double-digit budget cuts, hiring freezes and layoffs are becoming a fact of life in many IT departments. But some CIOs are managing to keep both their staffs and their rosters of ongoing IT projects largely intact - due partly to a desire on the part of business executives to use technology to reduce corporate costs and boost revenues.

Written by Craig Stedman03 March 09 08:37

Cloud efforts examined by Microsoft and others

Established vendors weighed in on cloud computing at Microsoft's Silicon Valley offices on Friday afternoon, citing it as a dramatic shift but offering caution as well.

Written by Paul Krill03 March 09 08:34

Avanade MD makes his case for cloud computing

With Microsoft increasingly talking up cloud computing it is not unexpected that Avanade, the consultancy dedicated to using the Microsoft platform, and which was co-founded by Microsoft, is starting to talk up the benefits of running services in the cloud. To get a little more of a local insight where he thinks the market is positioned and what Avanade can offer organisations, we spoke to Craig Dower, managing director, Avanade Australia.

Written by Howard Dahdah02 March 09 13:08

Fujitsu Siemens debuts 'zero-watt' green PC

Fujitsu Siemens Computers plans to launch in the middle of this year an enterprise desktop computer that consumes no energy when switched off, it said Sunday at the Cebit trade fair in Hanover, Germany.

Written by Martyn Williams02 March 09 11:39

Oracle to release major Enterprise Manager upgrade

Oracle is set to unveil Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5 on Tuesday, framing the upgrade as a major step forward for the company's wide-ranging application management platform.

Written by Chris Kanaracus02 March 09 08:18

Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo to leave June 30

Telstra announced today the company's much-publicised CEO Sol Trujillo will leave the company on June 30, 2009 and return to the US.

Written by Rodney Gedda26 Feb. 09 09:13

Hackers Shut Down Travel Site for Federal Workers

A travel reservations Web site used by several US federal agencies was hit earlier this month by hackers, who shunted unsuspecting users off to a malicious domain. The site,, remained unavailable late last week.

Written by Gregg Keizer26 Feb. 09 09:09

Microsoft wraps up Vista SP2 RC

Microsoft announced it has wrapped up a near-final version of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2), and has posted it to a pair of subscriber-only services for download.

Written by Gregg Keizer26 Feb. 09 08:23

Microsoft has big growth plans even as economy limps

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told financial analysts Monday that the weak economy and declining PC sales would continue to challenge the company but that Microsoft would focus on growing market share within its seven core businesses.

Written by John Fontana25 Feb. 09 08:19

Social networking in business: plan less for less pain

Productivity loss, information leakage, and defamation of fellow employees are all enough to get us fired from our jobs, unless, of course, it is done under the guise of a social network for the enterprise 2.0.

Written by Rodney Gedda24 Feb. 09 16:15

Gartner says key to BI is talk, not tech.

Research firm Gartner has warned organisations against splurging on technology for Business Intelligence (BI) projects.

Written by Darren Pauli23 Feb. 09 15:57

Irate IT staff a bitter pill for QLD Health

Queensland Health (QH) became a target for an outburst of mudslinging when people either close to, or inside the organisation, dished the dirt on its IT department and revolving door CIOs.

Written by Darren Pauli23 Feb. 09 08:38

Hiring levels show local security industry resilient to recession

If employee headcount is any indicator, security is one industry which the recession is having no impact on. In fact, according to several vendors in Australia, the need for organisations to stay secure, regardless of the economic climate, is leading to an increase in staff numbers.

Written by Howard Dahdah20 Feb. 09 11:40

Hacker claims SQL bug on Symantec site

A Romanian hacker who has spent the past few weeks exposing a common, but dangerous, Web programming error on security vendors Web sites says he's found a SQL injection flaw on Symantec's Web site. But Symantec says it's not a security issue.

Written by Robert McMillan20 Feb. 09 08:33

Web application platform Coghead shuts down

Coghead, maker of a cloud-based enterprise application development platform, is shutting down, according to its Web site.

Written by Chris Kanaracus20 Feb. 09 08:07

Survey: Twitterati Weigh In on the Future of Social Media

Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook are like ghetto art communities on the verge of gentrification: Hipsters are loving the first-there, build-something-from-scratch feeling, and hungry capitalists are eyeing the goods and trying to figure out how to get in on the action and make a profit. But few companies have figured out how to capitalize on all that coveted word-of-mouth and networking.

Written by Diann Daniel20 Feb. 09 07:00
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