MetaCDN takes content delivery networks into the cloud

It’s an increasing headache for IT and web managers alike — how to combine an organisation’s strategic need for interactive content, such as video, with the availability of core web content without breaking the budget.
But an Australian cloud computing project aims to change all that, by enabling low cost, high performance, content delivery network via the cloud.

Written by Georgina Swan03 Sept. 09 11:31

Full time IT jobs remain strong: 2009 ACS survey

A reduction in the unemployment percentage among IT workers indicates the global financial slowdown has had little impact to date on the proportion of full time professionals, according the 2009 Australian Computer Society ICT employment survey.

Written by Rodney Gedda03 Sept. 09 10:49

Cautious optimism guides CIO hiring plans

Industry watchers expect the worst is over in terms of IT layoffs as many companies re-assess current staff levels and begin to slowly fill holes in high-tech skills within their organizations.

Written by Denise Dubie03 Sept. 09 08:10

Microsoft promises patch for critical Web server bug

Microsoft yesterday said it is working on a patch for a bug in its popular Web server software, but it's unlikely the company will field a fix fast enough to make next week's regular release, a security expert predicted.

Written by Gregg Keizer03 Sept. 09 06:23

Tail of e-health must not wag the dog of personal health care: report

The protection of the individual is the primary function of personal health care data and the tail of health administration and research must not be permitted to wag the dog of personal health care, according to an Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) policy position document.

Written by Georgina Swan02 Sept. 09 15:25

Bid for square km array beefs up in Perth

The Western Australia-based research centre, designed to help Australia snare the $2.5 billion Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project, has opened in Perth.

Written by Kathryn Edwards02 Sept. 09 15:11

CloudCamp: Google is on Cloud 9

Cloud Computing will drive the dematerialisation of anything that can be digitised, says Google Australia's head of engineering, Alan Noble.

Written by Georgina Swan02 Sept. 09 12:56

Calls for Conroy to release Internet censorship trial results

Opposition spokesperson, Nick Minchin, has bought the Government’s proposed Internet content filtering scheme back to the political forefront, criticising the Government over its lack of transparency regarding the trials.

Written by Kathryn Edwards02 Sept. 09 12:19

First Australian CloudCamp held in Sydney

Australia's first ever CloudCamp, an 'unconference' aimed at exploring the possibilities of cloud technologies and exchanging ideas, was recently held in Sydney. The format - a series of open discussions by end users, IT professionals and vendors - was developed by Dave Nielsen and is based loosely on the Open Spaces Technology concept and Tim O'Reilly's friends of O'Reilly (FOO) Camp events.

Written by Georgina Swan02 Sept. 09 11:46

EMC to acquire legal discovery vendor Kazeon

EMC on Tuesday said it will buy Kazeon Systems, a company that develops products for collecting and analyzing electronic information for legal discovery.

Written by Nancy Gohring02 Sept. 09 08:46

Gmail suffers widespread outage

Google's Gmail e-mail service is currently down for a majority of its tens of millions of users, the company acknowledged Tuesday afternoon.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez02 Sept. 09 08:13

Google to let Apps users try out Wave

Google will let some users of its Apps suite test-drive in the fall its Wave collaboration and communication tool, the company said on Tuesday in an official blog.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez02 Sept. 09 07:55

Write effective e-mail subject lines

People. It's 2009. E-mail is not a new phenomenon. As a planet, we've been at it for a couple decades now. And yet some otherwise-very-intelligent-I'm-sure folks still haven't mastered the basics. Like writing an effective subject line.

Written by Rick Broida02 Sept. 09 07:17

Developers complain about Android sales

The Android Market probably produces less than US$5 million a month, despite a recent report that issued that estimate, one successful application developer says.

Written by Nancy Gohring02 Sept. 09 07:00

E-waste recycling plant eyes CRT expansion

As many as 700,000 CRT monitors could be recycled every year if a new e-waste processing plant in Sydney gets the go-head for an expansion into televisions and computer monitors.

Written by Rodney Gedda02 Sept. 09 07:00

Nokia Siemens changes CEOs

The founding CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks has resigned and will be replaced by another long-term Nokia executive as the two-year-old company battles it out in a consolidating carrier-infrastructure industry.

Written by Stephen Lawson02 Sept. 09 06:26

Privacy, consumer groups want news laws to protect Web users

A coalition of 10 U.S. privacy and consumer groups has called for new federal privacy protections for Web users, including a requirement that Web sites and advertising networks get opt-in permission from individuals within 24 hours of collecting personal data and tracking online habits.

Written by Grant Gross02 Sept. 09 05:21
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