DOJ pushes probe of Oracle-Sun deal beyond deadline

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) needs more time to examine Oracle's proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems beyond an initial review period, Oracle said Friday.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez29 June 09 08:14

Michael Jackson death spurs spam, viruses

Less than 24 hours after Michael Jackson's death, fraudsters are exploiting public interest with their attempts to spread spam and malware. Security researchers say they've observed hundreds of cases of malicious messages masquerading as information about Jackson's death. Some of them, they say, popped up within minutes of the news.

Written by JR Raphael27 June 09 09:20

iPhone 3GS is jailbreakable. Does it matter?

The hack masters at the iPhone Dev Team earlier today announced the iPhone 3GS is officially jailbreakable. The news comes less than a week after Apple released the latest iteration of its wonder gadget featuring new toys like video capability and a digital compass. The Dev Team said that while the iPhone 3GS jailbreak poses some extra technical difficulties, the new phone is susceptible to the same jailbreak and unlock techniques used on earlier iPhone models.

Written by Ian Paul27 June 09 03:10

iPhone not enterprise ready: Gartner

Is the iPhone 3GS ready for enterprise? The answer is a qualified no, according to Gartner analyst Robin Simpson.

Written by Joshua Gliddon26 June 09 16:04

Study: Top CEOs still shunning Twitter, Facebook

CEOs at the top companies in the U.S. are dramatically disconnected from the social networking phenomenon, according to a research report released this week by, an online news and discussion site that focuses on CEOs at major companies.

Written by Sharon Gaudin26 June 09 07:24

PC shipments showing signs of recovery, Gartner says

The PC market is showing signs of recovery, with the freefall of PC shipments skidding to a halt thanks to competitive PC prices and a continued interest in netbooks, Gartner said on Thursday

Written by Agam Shah26 June 09 06:16

ICANN: New domains coming in 2010

Internet policymakers are forging ahead with a controversial plan to introduce hundreds of generic top-level domains -- such as .nyc, .sport and .food -- next year.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan25 June 09 07:58

Adobe issues update for Shockwave Player

Adobe Systems has released a patch for its Shockwave Player to fix a critical vulnerability, the company wrote on its security blog on Tuesday.

Written by Jeremy Kirk25 June 09 06:16

Dutch antipiracy organization takes aim at Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the target of yet another legal case -- the Dutch antipiracy organization BREIN wants to close the file-sharing site in the Netherlands, and wants to see its founders appear in the Amsterdam district court on July 21, it said Tuesday.

Written by Mikael Ricknäs25 June 09 04:34

Social networking success requires solid plans

Users who shared their social networking implementation stories at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston on Wednesday emphasized that success requires careful consideration of corporate culture and goals, as well as effective technology.

Written by Chris Kanaracus25 June 09 04:31

Ads come to mobile apps, thanks to Google

IPhone and Android users may increasingly see ads appear in their phone applications, now that Google is expanding its advertising program for mobile applications.

Written by Nancy Gohring25 June 09 04:23

Post-acquisition, MessageLabs harmonizes with Symantec

Symantec has taken a relatively hands-off approach with its integration of hosted messaging provider MessageLabs since its acquisition of the company in November 2008, according to MessageLabs' former CEO.

Written by Jeremy Kirk25 June 09 04:21

Facebook tests improved posting tool

Facebook has started to test a new version of its Publisher, the tool that members can use to post notes, status updates, links, photos, videos and other content on their profile "wall" and share them with their friends.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez25 June 09 04:18

EC proposes creation of centralized security data agency

The European Commission took a big step toward creating an enhanced pan-European system of security and surveillance Wednesday when it launched a proposal to set up a new independent agency to manage massive IT systems used by border control authorities.

Written by Paul Meller25 June 09 04:04

HTC puts new face on latest Google Android phone, Hero

Smartphone developer High Tech Computer (HTC) introduced a completely revamped user interface (UI) on its latest smartphone running Google Android software, the HTC Hero, highlighting the importance companies see in making users love the software on their handset.

Written by Dan Nystedt24 June 09 21:34

Aussie Internet turns 20

This week marked 20 years since Robert Elz and Torben Neilsen completed the first circuit that brought the Internet to Australia.

Written by Darren Pauli24 June 09 17:19
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