Sun shareholders approve Oracle merger

Sun Microsystems' shareholders voted on Thursday to approve the company's acquisition by Oracle, but not by a wide margin.

Written by James Niccolai17 July 09 04:31

First leg of NBN rolled out in Tasmania

The first stage of the National Broadband Network has begun in Tasmania with an open competitive tender for fibre optic cable by Aurora Energy.

Written by Daniel Bishton16 July 09 16:57

NICTA opens its software to the world

Research organisation National ICT Australia (NICTA) has stepped up its support for open source software by launching the OpenNICTA portal where people can view and download software developed and licensed by the organisation.

Written by Dahna McConnachie16 July 09 08:25

Computer modeling helps build sun-powered stadium

When the 8th World Games opens in Taiwan on Thursday, the event will inaugurate a bold new stadium designed not only to power, cool and water itself, but also to withstand the tropical island's typhoons and earthquakes.

Written by Dan Nystedt16 July 09 04:55

Oracle's software development reins in new hands

Oracle's executive vice president of product development, Charles Rozwat, is taking a one-year leave of absence and his responsibilities will be assumed by Thomas Kurian, currently senior vice president of Fusion middleware.

Written by Chris Kanaracus16 July 09 04:51

Open-source adoption faces extra obstacles in China

The uphill battle that open-source programs face to steal ground from proprietary software comes with added pitfalls in China, where problems like software piracy take away strengths that open source has elsewhere.

Written by Owen Fletcher16 July 09 04:38

NetSuite launches 'green' discount program

On-demand ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendor NetSuite announced a promotion on Wednesday that provides a 50 percent discount for one year if the customer can prove they belong to a "green" organization, such as the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council.

Written by Chris Kanaracus16 July 09 04:33

Twitter hacked, secrets to be revealed?

Alleged internal documents and sensitive information from Twitter and its employees might be posted today on news sites and other Web outlets. The source of this information is a French hacker who goes by the name of Hacker Croll. The cybercriminal claims to have accessed personally sensitive information for several Twitter employees including personal accounts on PayPal, Amazon, AT&T, MobileMe, Facebook, business Gmail accounts, and the Web registrar account for, according to the French blog Korben.

Written by Ian Paul16 July 09 02:34

Conroy releases digital economy direction report

Federal communications minister Senator Stephen Conroy has officially launched a new report Australia's Digital Economy: Future Directions calling it a landmark event to chart Australia's digital future.

Written by Rodney Gedda15 July 09 10:46

Microsoft patches 9 bugs, leaves one open for hackers

Microsoft today delivered six security updates that patch nine vulnerabilities, fixing two bugs already being used by hackers but leaving one still open to exploit.

Written by Gregg Keizer15 July 09 08:10

IBM loses patent dispute with Asus

The U.S. International Trade Commission Monday rejected an IBM request to review a decision that denied the company's attempts to block the import of hardware made by Asustek on patent infringement grounds.

Written by Agam Shah15 July 09 06:39

Survey finds one in six consumers act on spam

About one in six consumers have at some time acted on a spam message, affirming the economic incentive for spammers to keep churning out millions of obnoxious pitches per day, according to a new survey.

Written by Jeremy Kirk15 July 09 04:46

Dell looking to grow through acquisitions

Dell executives on Tuesday said the company was looking to stimulate growth through acquisition as it moves its focus from client hardware to enterprise products.

Written by Agam Shah15 July 09 04:46

Sun expects sharp revenue drop ahead of Oracle vote

Sun Microsystems said it expects to report a sharp drop in sales for the June quarter as it prepares to put its planned acquisition by Oracle to a shareholder vote later this week.

Written by James Niccolai15 July 09 04:42

Turkish government site hacked amid spat with China

An attacker who defaced the Web site of Turkey's embassy in China on Monday left behind a pro-China note as the two countries worked through a diplomatic spat.

Written by Owen Fletcher15 July 09 04:38

Investigation into cyberattacks stretches around the globe

British authorities have launched an investigation into the recent cyberattacks that crippled Web sites in the U.S. and South Korea, as the trail to find the perpetrators stretches around the world.

Written by Jeremy Kirk15 July 09 04:19

Microsoft reveals Windows Azure pricing, availability

Microsoft on Tuesday revealed pricing and more details about how it will sell its Windows Azure cloud-computing infrastructure, making it free for anyone to use now before the company begins charging for it in November.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano15 July 09 04:00
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