Mobiles help put a stop to drug stock-outs

What I find particularly interesting about the mobile-for-development field is how a disproportionate amount of innovation occurs in the very places where resources and funding are often in shortest supply. Just as mobile payments started off as an indigenous phenomenon long before Vodafone, the British government and Safaricom brought the world M-Pesa, numerous mobile health initiatives start off as innovative, small-scale projects before the bigger players spot their opportunity and attempt to take them to scale. One can only imagine the number that fail and fall by the wayside before they get this far -- Darwin's "survival of the fittest" can be equally applied to the mobile applications world as our own.

Written by Ken Banks01 Aug. 09 02:34

Court allows extradition of British hacker to proceed

A British hacker who broke into U.S. government computer systems seeking evidence of alien life has failed in his latest efforts to block extradition to the U.S. to face trial.

Written by Jeremy Kirk31 July 09 20:38

China iPhone pictures posted on news site

A Chinese news Web site has posted pictures that it claims show the iPhone model being tested for release in China, adding to expectations that the phone will launch there soon.

Written by Owen Fletcher31 July 09 16:30

Happy SysAdmin day!

The last Friday in July marks the day when the unsung heroes of the IT community – systems administrators – finally (and hopefully) receive the thanks they deserve.

Written by Georgina Swan31 July 09 15:09

Former Google VP Suggests User-Based Security

At the Black Hat security conference on Wednesday, former Google VP of Engineering Douglas Merrill gave the opening keynote presentation, and it wasn't a traditional security industry talk. The takeaway: Let users dictate enterprise security needs.

Written by Robert Vamosi31 July 09 04:02

Microsoft plus Yahoo: it's all about Google

Yahoo's announcement of a <a href="">10-year deal</a> with Microsoft did not mention Google, but we all know what Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz was talking about in her blog post aimed at users.

Written by Daniel Ionescu31 July 09 01:53

Indian government to provide Infosys security

India's second largest outsourcer, Infosys Technologies will get security cover from the Indian government's Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) starting Friday, in view of the perceived terrorist threat to Indian outsourcing companies.

Written by John Ribeiro30 July 09 21:54

Yahoo China missing from Microsoft search deal

The search tie-up between Yahoo and Microsoft does not affect Yahoo's China properties, which are controlled by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, the group said Thursday.

Written by Owen Fletcher30 July 09 20:29

More holes found in Web's SSL security protocol

Security researchers have found some serious flaws in software that uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protocol used to secure communications on the Internet.

Written by Robert McMillan30 July 09 18:27

Future uncertain for Yahoo developer programs

Yahoo's high-profile and widely used search APIs (application programming interfaces) and search programs for external developers are up in the air after the company's decision to outsource its search engine services to Microsoft.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez30 July 09 07:53

Bing was tipping point in Microsoft-Yahoo deal

The successful launch of Microsoft's revamped search engine, Bing, was likely the event that tipped the scales in favor of Yahoo agreeing to a search deal, analysts said.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano30 July 09 07:29

Oops, e-mail security vendor McAfee spills 1400 private names

In a story just dripping with irony, e-mail security vendor McAfee has accidentally sent the contact details of more than 1400 conference attendees in a spreadsheet attached to a thank you message.

Written by Rodney Gedda29 July 09 16:11

Water cooling, virtualisation saves Uni data centre

Explosive business growth has caught up with Open Universities Australia which has used a combination of blade servers, water cooling and virtualisation to save its in-house data centre and a million dollar outsourcing contract.

Written by Rodney Gedda29 July 09 14:05

ICT lobby groups: time to give the NBN some spin

Now that the first towns to be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) have been announced, it is time for the government and the ICT industry to work on promoting the rollout, according to two Tasmanian ICT lobby groups.

Written by Dahna McConnachie29 July 09 11:56

Optus in court over 'deceptive' phone cards

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has initiated legal proceedings against Optus, accusing the Telco’s wholly owned subsidiary Prepaid Services and another company Boost Tel of engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct over the sale of prepaid phone cards.

Written by Computerworld Staff29 July 09 09:12

Microsoft rushes patches to fix 'big deal' programming flaw

As promised, Microsoft today patched six vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (IE) and Visual Studio with the first "out-of-cycle" update since it plugged a hole last October that the Conficker worm later used to run rampant.

Written by Computerworld Staff29 July 09 08:33

Gartner: Global software budgets will grow next year

A new report by Gartner showing that software spending will increase worldwide next year indicates there may be truth to the general belief that the technology market has hit bottom.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano29 July 09 05:31