Stock service's data warehouse now delivers in seconds, not hours

Until a year ago, Pink OTC Markets Inc. had a problem. The company, which operates the Pink Sheets over-the-counter stock quotation service and the OTCQX service for foreign stocks to trade in the United States, couldn't deliver the reports its customers wanted.

Written by Eric Lai11 Sept. 09 05:41

Five things you need to know about smartphone security

Smartphones share many of the same risks of laptops and are easier to lose. Ajit Arya, deputy CIO for Arlington County, Va., supports both BlackBerrys and iPhones and is working to tighten its policies for managing them. "We have taken some basic steps," he says. For example, one recommended best practice is to require passwords. So far, the county has told employees they can set passwords but has not tried to enforce it as a requirement, Arya says.

Written by David F. Carr11 Sept. 09 05:27

Remote public speaking the right way

As a card-carrying extrovert, there's almost nothing I like better than being on stage, making sure a room full of people are being entertained and engaged. Years of piano recitals banished my stage fright (talking on stage is ten times easier than performing up there) and the rest fell naturally into place with preparation and practice.

Written by Maryfran Johnson11 Sept. 09 05:26

Microsoft forms, funds new open-source foundation

Microsoft has cofounded and is providing the funding for a new foundation aimed at bringing open-source and proprietary software companies together to participate side by side in open-source projects.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano11 Sept. 09 05:26

Unifying forces

The shimmering oasis called "unified communications" has been on IT horizons for so long, it's almost surreal to think we might actually arrive there one day.

Written by Maryfran Johnson11 Sept. 09 05:25

How to manage hourly paid work

There are two common ways to pay workers in America: give them a salary or hourly wages.

Written by Gary Beach11 Sept. 09 05:24

Google plans to offer micropayments service to media owners

Google is promoting a payments system to the newspaper industry that would let Web surfers pay a small amount for individual news stories, an idea that could help publishers struggling with the impact of the Internet.

Written by Jeremy Kirk11 Sept. 09 05:23

Goal setting: how CIOs can avoid pitfalls

"Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I'll give you a man who will make history," James Cash Penney, founder of the now-famous chain of eponymous retail stores, is reported to have said. "Give me a man with no goals and I'll give you a stock clerk."

Written by Stephanie Overby11 Sept. 09 05:08

Facebook releases real-time Web server tech as open source

Facebook is releasing as open source a Web server technology because it wants to make it easier for developers to create applications that let users post status updates in real time, a functionality popularized by Twitter.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez11 Sept. 09 05:04

Official: Book settlement makes 'mockery' of copyright law

Google's proposed book settlement with book authors and publishers, allowing the company to digitize and sell millions of books, makes a "mockery" of copyright protections in the U.S. Constitution, the head of the U.S. Copyright Office said Thursday.

Written by Grant Gross11 Sept. 09 04:56

iPhone 3.1 breaking Exchange e-mail for iPhone 3G users?

One of the major announcements from Apple's "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" event in San Francisco yesterday was the immediate release of the latest iPhone operating system: iPhone OS 3.1.

Written by Al Sacco11 Sept. 09 04:14

Three Minute Coach

How to keep your team from getting distracted by social networking.

Written by Gaylan Nielson and Brent Peterson11 Sept. 09 03:10

Will Apple's new iTunes put you on cloud nine?

Earlier today Apple introduced iTunes 9 at the "It's Only Rock and Roll, But We Like It" media event. iTunes 9 has a number of new features, such as iTunes LP (which tries to bring full-blown album art, liner notes, and so on to the digital world), Home Sharing (which allows you to sync your music across computers in your household), and the redesigned iTunes Store. Though these new features make iTunes an even stronger media-playback app, you may find this version a little disappointing if you were hoping for a major revamp.

Written by Nick Mediati10 Sept. 09 16:01

E-government cluster boots up with $250k funding

A technology cluster aimed at supporting and strengthening government ICT industries in Australia will inject $150,000 into the industry in 2010, with a commitment for a further $100,000 per annum through to 2011-12.

Written by Georgina Swan10 Sept. 09 14:46
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