TEDx: The tech support of CIOs

The modern CIO would be barely recognisable to someone in the position a decade ago as technologies such as cloud computing have radically altered daily operations.

Written by Paul Vecchiato27 June 17 10:10

What are containers and why do you need them?

Containers are a solution to the problem of how to get software to run reliably when moved from one computing environment to another. Here's what you need to know about this popular technology.

Written by Paul Rubens27 June 17 08:01

Tools that increase IT efficiency pave the way for digital transformations

Inflexible IT architectures can be a barrier to organizational change. As companies embark on digital transformations aimed at improving their business, the pressure is on IT to reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of enterprise systems and applications.

Written by Ann Bednarz26 June 17 23:51

The big-time benefits of a centralized data analytics team

Micron overhauled its data management strategy, embedding crack teams of data scientists within an array of business units. Here’s how that centralized strategy has delivered impressive results.

Written by Clint Boulton26 June 17 20:00

Local councils starved of money for IT

Senior IT staff at local councils are starved of funds to replace legacy systems and are competing with business managers and councilors at the executive table who are themselves battling to meet ratepayers’ demands, according to research.

Written by Byron Connolly26 June 17 16:36

Google to stop scanning Gmail accounts

Silicon Valley giant Google said it will stop scanning its users’ personal email accounts to deliver targeted advertising.

Written by Byron Connolly26 June 17 10:05

Why total bans on remote work don't remotely work

Companies seem to be moving in different directions when it comes to remote workers. Some have embraced the practice. Others have banned it. But there is a middle ground.

Written by Mike Elgan24 June 17 20:21

CIOs should step into the IoT oversight void

The internet of things opens your business to significant security risks, but most boards don't understand the importance of IoT oversight, particularly third-party implementations. That's an opportunity for CIOs to take the lead.

Written by Thor Olavsrud23 June 17 20:00

NT govt readies for $259M health IT rollout

The Northern Territory government has selected InterSystems to replace four obsolete clinical IT systems with a single platform across NT’s entire public health system.

Written by Byron Connolly23 June 17 15:49

nbn the provider of "last resort"

Macquarie Telecom Group’s David Forman has revealed that nbn is the broadband access provider of “last resort” for the telco.

Written by Leon Spencer23 June 17 11:22

Trim your governance and get agile: CBA’s Stuart Mitchell

Organisations must trim the layers of governance built up over many years for traditional waterfall tech projects or fall victim to more agile startups, says CommBank’s senior agile coach, Stuart Mitchell.

Written by Byron Connolly23 June 17 11:14

Samantha Gavel named NSW Privacy Commissioner

Samantha Gavel has been tapped as the new full-time New South Wales Privacy Commissioner, a role she scoops from Elizabeth Coombes, who had been acting in the position part-time over a five-year period.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien22 June 17 15:05

Data Governance Australia reveals draft code

Data Governance Australia (DGA) has unveiled a draft Code of Practice that aims to set industry standards and benchmarks for the responsible collection, use, management and disclosure of data.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien22 June 17 10:46
  • Grappling with Information Governance in a Digital World

    Why implementing good data governance should be on every CIO’s radar as a way to reduce risk, ensure compliance and increase business productivity and efficiency


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