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  • Lessig, Demand Progress support investigation of Swartz prosecutor

    Demand Progress, the tech activist group founded by the late Aaron Swartz, and Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig have called on supporters to press the U.S. Congress to investigate Swartz's prosecuting attorney and to pass a law to decriminalize the type of hacking he was charged with.

    Written by Grant Gross17 Jan. 13 16:02
  • US lawmaker asks Reddit for ideas on website seizures

    A U.S. lawmaker has asked users of Reddit for their ideas about legislation to address the controversial recent practice by two U.S. agencies of seizing websites for alleged copyright infringement.

    Written by Grant Gross19 Nov. 12 21:28
  • House committee postpones action on SOPA

    The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee has postponed further debate on the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) until after Congress' holiday break.

    Written by Grant Gross17 Dec. 11 06:43
  • House committee appears headed toward approving SOPA

    The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee slowly moved toward approval of the controversial copyright enforcement bill Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), although the panel was able to debate only a handful of amendments Thursday.

    Written by Grant Gross16 Dec. 11 11:38
  • Lawmakers propose alternative to Stop Online Piracy Act

    A group of U.S. lawmakers has proposed an alternative to the controversial copyright enforcement legislation, the Stop Online Piracy Act, with the draft proposal giving the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) the authority to investigate complaints about copyright infringement on foreign websites.

    Written by Grant Gross03 Dec. 11 07:18
  • The US Stop Online Piracy Act: A primer

    The Stop Online Piracy Act, the subject of a hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Wednesday, has generated heated debate since lawmakers introduced it on Oct. 26.

    Written by Grant Gross17 Nov. 11 07:14
  • Stop Online Piracy sponsors defend the copyright bill

    Sponsors of the controversial U.S. Stop Online Piracy Act defended the legislation Wednesday, saying the proposal is needed to shut down websites trafficking in billions of dollars worth of online piracy.

    Written by Grant Gross17 Nov. 11 06:02
  • Lawmakers seek alternative to Stop Online Piracy Act

    U.S. lawmakers opposed to a controversial copyright enforcement bill scheduled for a hearing Wednesday are working on alternative legislation that would be more narrowly focused on infringing websites, two opponents of the bill said.

    Written by Grant Gross16 Nov. 11 06:59
  • House hearing on Stop Online Piracy Act scheduled

    The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee will conduct a hearing on the controversial copyright enforcement bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act, on Wednesday, the committee has announced.

    Written by Grant Gross12 Nov. 11 07:19
  • House passes freeze on new mobile taxes

    The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to approve a five-year moratorium on new taxes targeted toward mobile services, with supporters arguing that customers pay higher taxes on their mobile plans than on most other goods and services.

    Written by Grant Gross03 Nov. 11 01:21
  • House panel votes to require ISPs to keep customer records

    A U.S. House of Representatives committee has voted to approve legislation that would require Internet service providers to retain customer IP data for 12 months in the name of combating child pornography.

    Written by Grant Gross29 July 11 07:47
  • FCC chairman defends net neutrality rules

    U.S. government regulators should depend on antitrust laws to protect broadband customers, instead of the network neutrality rules the U.S. Federal Communications Commission passed in December, Republican members of a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee said Thursday.

    Written by Grant Gross06 May 11 05:04