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  • In Pictures: World Computer Congress 2010

    The International Federation for Information Processing's (IFIP) biannual World Computer Congress was held in Brisbane this year. The event attracted approximately 1100 attendees globally, but some have <a href="">questioned its relevance to industry and business</a>.

    Written by Computerworld Staff24 Sept. 10 10:25
  • WCC2010: E-health to be held back by doctors?

    Technophobic healthcare practitioners along with immature technology could be preventing the accelerated rollout of e-health in Australia, according to one e-health industry expert.

    Written by Lisa Banks23 Sept. 10 14:34
  • Change management key to e-health

    The ultimate success of e-health programs in Australia will come down to how change management and adoption processes are put in place for clinicians, patients and politicians alike, a key industry leader told attendees of the World Computer Congress 2010 in Brisbane this week.

    Written by James Hutchinson23 Sept. 10 02:45
  • World Computer Congress raises questions of business, industry relevance

    The search for importance of industry bodies and global technology conferences accelerated at the World Computer Congress 2010 in Brisbane as attendees and speakers alike questioned the relevance such gatherings had for the end-user companies.

    Written by James Hutchinson23 Sept. 10 07:34
  • CIOs need greater ‘business focus’

    CIOs need to develop a greater business focus and improve their communication skills if the role of the CIO is to flourish in the future.

    Written by Lisa Banks22 Sept. 10 11:42