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  • Apple orders spur growth for Taiwanese parts makers

    Two Taiwanese firms that make touchscreen panels for Apple have reported sharp first-quarter revenue gains, which analysts said came from soaring demand for iPhones and iPads.

    Written by Ralph Jennings05 May 11 16:16
  • Poisoned Chinese iPhone workers still seeking treatment

    A group of Chinese workers who were poisoned while manufacturing iPhones say Apple and its supplier have yet to provide for the additional medical treatment they urgently need.

    Written by Michael Kan28 March 11 22:00
  • Flat panel makers face shortages after Japanese quake

    Major display panel manufacturers face a shortage of materials from Japan as the powerful earthquake on Friday has hit their suppliers, companies and analysts said on Tuesday, pointing toward price rises in PCs or mobile phones and a possible slowdown in production.

    Written by Ralph Jennings15 March 11 21:50