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  • Smartphone Trends to Watch

    As CES 2011 approaches, here are a few smartphone trends we expect to see at the show

    Written by Ginny Mies29 Dec. 10 15:32
  • Windows Phone 7 Attracts App Developers Ahead of Launch

    Microsoft says that it has more than 300,000 downloads of beta tools for developers creating applications for its Windows Phone 7 app store, which is set to compete with the app-laden marketplaces for the iPhone and Android phones.

    Written by Barbara E. Hernandez25 Aug. 10 08:47
  • Microsoft lines up developers for Windows Phone 7

    The Windows Phone Developer Tools have been downloaded more than 300,000 times, Microsoft said, as the company prepares to offer a new application store and mobile operating system.

    Written by Nancy Gohring24 Aug. 10 04:14
  • LG expects to launch a few Windows Phone 7 mobiles this year

    South Korea's LG Electronics will launch its first smartphone designed around Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 software by the end of September and will follow with more by the end of the year, a company representative said Wednesday.

    Written by Dan Nystedt28 July 10 18:55