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  • Top Tips and Tools for Online Reputation Management

    A handful of companies offer free and paid online reputation management services for consumers and businesses, including and Brand Yourself. In addition to using these services, or in lieu of them, both small and midsize businesses and enterprise digital marketers can take strategic steps to ensure their companies' online reputations are solid.

    Written by James A. Martin14 Nov. 14 03:24
  • Amazon launches Echo voice-activated personal assistant, music player

    Amazon revealed a new voice-controlled speaker called Echo that works like Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana in that it responds to user requests for information or to play music uploaded from Amazon Music and other services.

    Written by Lucas Mearian07 Nov. 14 08:39
  • Monumental day for Wikipedia in Poland

    WIkimedians -- those people who contribute to the free Wikipedia website -- were recognized for their selfless work on Wednesday in Slubice, Poland with the <a href="">unveiling of a monument</a>.

    Written by Bob Brown23 Oct. 14 07:39
  • Historical computing: The launch of the IBM System/360

    In 1964 IBM announced one of the most famous mainframes ever, the IBM System/360 which, on the low end versions ran at 0.0018 to 0.034 MIPS. For the time, that was serious performance ... in comparison, the iMac I'm writing this on runs at 92,100 MIPS.

    Written by Mark Gibbs30 June 14 22:46
  • Safari, Chrome push to mask URLs

    Safari on OS X Yosemite will mask most of a URL in its top-of-window address bar, following in the footsteps of Safari on iOS, and beating Google's Chrome, which is experimenting with the same design, to the desktop.

    Written by Gregg Keizer06 June 14 20:56
  • Wikipedia dodges critical vulnerability that could have let attackers take over

    The possibility of Wikipedia being taken over by attackers was just foiled by quick action on the part of Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that operates Wikipedia, with the help of Check Point, the security firm that discovered the critical security hole in its code.

    Written by Ellen Messmer29 Jan. 14 20:34
  • Google upgrades mobile search

    Google is moving to keep up with its mobile users, updating search on devices this week.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin17 April 13 18:49