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  • FCC moves to streamline wireless buildout

    The Federal Communications Commission announced plans Friday to help streamline wireless broadband buildout in the U.S., including clarification of a provision requiring local review of modifications to cell towers.

    Written by Matt Hamblen25 Jan. 13 21:06
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  • Why CRM Financial Analysis Always Fails

    A smart person once said, 'As long as you're asking the wrong questions, it doesn't matter what answers you come up with.' When it comes to making the business case for CRM, the CFO is likely to ask too many of the wrong questions.

    Written by David Taber07 Nov. 13 19:36
  • Why CRM Implementation Needs Training Wheels, Not Racing Gear

    If it's true that the best CRM systems are built, not bought, then which features should you be building? And how should you build them? As with riding a bike, implementing a CRM system gets much harder once you take off the training wheels--or, in this case, the out-of-the-box features.

    Written by David Taber13 Aug. 13 18:15