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  • Where is wearable computing heading in 2016?

    Driving contextual apps, moving beyond pure augmented and virtual reality, and more industry applications is where wearable computing is heading in 2016, according to analysts.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett18 Dec. 15 12:10
  • St George CIO banks on ‘mobile only’

    St George Bank, viewed as the 'innovation hub' of Westpac, has adopted a 'mobile only' strategy, according to CIO Dhiren Kulkarni.

    Written by Adam Bender02 Dec. 14 09:00
  • Reports: Google close to manufacturing a smartwatch

    Google could be a few months away from mass production of a smartwatch, a move that would put it in competition with vendors Pebble Technology, Sony and Samsung Electronics, according to media reports. Apple is widely expected to enter the fray soon as well.

    Written by Peter Sayer29 Oct. 13 14:04