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  • Collaboration and clients key as RSM launches ECM in the cloud

    A five year IT transformation programme is underway at RSM. When complete, staff in Australia will be working and collaborating within a central ECM system in the cloud, assisting clients via a web based portal.

    Written by George Nott29 May 16 15:00
  • VMworld: Silver Peak offers WAN optimisation for free

    At VMworld this week, Silver Peak Systems is introducing a free version of its WAN optimisation software for virtual environments as well as an upgrade to its flagship virtual WAN appliance designed for data centers.

    Written by Tim Greene30 Aug. 11 02:25
  • Macquarie Telecom 'delighted' about NBN reach

    National voice and data carrier Macquarie Telecom is pleased with the development of a National Broadband Network even though it is releasing its own WAN optimisation solution today.

    Written by Rodney Gedda22 March 11 16:02
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  • WAN optimisation: maximising a global investment

    For a US$5.5 billion agricultural cooperative whose 42,000 farmers work cohesively across 19 countries to supply food and farming services, Lantmännen's IT infrastructure was surprisingly unwieldy.

    Written by Cindy Waxer28 Aug. 09 08:54

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  • Long-distance IT: Driving efficiency in remote offices

    In this paper, IDG research highlights the many ways WAN optimisation solutions with a built-in Windows Server lead to more efficient branch office it. · Supporting branch offices is a costly, time-consuming job made tougher by having no one on-site to do it · WAN optimisation solutions mostly do a good job of improving remote office performance and lowering network costs but are now facing new demands · There is currently only one on the market with all of the capabilities that businesses with branches need