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  • Amazon about to be worth more than Microsoft

    ​ on Wednesday was on the verge of ending the day with a stock market value higher than Microsoft for the first time, as the online shopping behemoth weathered the recent turmoil on Wall Street.

    Written by Reuters08 Feb. 18 09:28
  • Wall Street Beat: Hardware, chip sales shine

    Upbeat sales reports and forecasts continue to pour in for the PC and chip market, offering yet more evidence that economic recovery has already spurred a worldwide resurgence in spending on hardware.

    Written by Marc Ferranti11 June 10 07:22
  • Wall Street Beat: IT leads market rally

    Are shares of IT vendors set to rise again? Fueled by strong sales reports from Lenovo and NetApp, tech stocks led a broad market rally Thursday that was generally ascribed to news about China's confidence in Europe, which faces a debt crisis in Greece and other Mediterranean countries.

    Written by Marc Ferranti28 May 10 08:16
  • Wall Street to install 'circuit breaker' to head off market gyrations

    Regulators plan to enact new rules to curb the type of market volatility behind the May 6 "flash crash" that caused the Dow to plunge almost 1,000 points in a half hour. The goal is to head off market gyrations that can be exacerbated by automated high-speed trading.

    Written by Lucas Mearian20 May 10 04:12
  • Mac sales to set another record, says analyst

    Apple will report selling another record number of Macs in the final quarter of 2009 when it unveils its financial figures later this month, a Wall Street analyst said Thursday in a note to clients.

    Written by Gregg Keizer01 Jan. 10 21:57
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  • Could economy cause IT pros to crack?

    IT professionals taking on more work in light of the current economic climate identified rising workloads as the greatest source of workplace stress, according to research from Robert Half Technology.

    Written by Denise Dubie24 Oct. 08 10:04
  • Financial crisis: The tech innovations at risk

    September 2008 will certainly go down as one of the blackest months in Wall Street history. Venerable financial institutions such as Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and AIG abruptly vanished or were radically overhauled. Investors lost loads of money -- in some cases, fortunes -- and ordinary taxpayers are now finding themselves funding an industry bailout that could cost a staggering US$700 billion, perhaps even more.

    Written by John Edwards01 Oct. 08 08:45