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  • Carmakers promise they'll protect driver privacy -- really

    The world's 19 biggest automakers <a href="">have agreed to principles</a> they say will protect driver privacy in an electronic age where in-vehicle computers collect everything from location and speed to what smartphone you use.

    Written by Lucas Mearian14 Nov. 14 06:30
  • Cars get connected, and talkative

    Connected cars are big at this year's Cebit trade show, with driverless cars and products to communicate with the vehicle' onboard computers on display, but cooler apps are needed for the sector to really take off.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs13 March 14 15:55
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  • Driverless cars yield to reality: It's a long road ahead

    Take a drive on Highway 101 between Silicon Valley and San Francisco these days and you might see one of Google's driverless cars in the lane next to you. The vehicles are one of the most visible signs of the increasing amount of research going on in the area related to automated driving technology.

    Written by Martyn Williams08 July 13 23:53
  • How big is the sound of music?

    Music fans and major recording artists are adopting lossless audio file formats to keep copies of their music thats as close to a master recording as possible, leading to multi-terabyte-sized home music storage systems.

    Written by Lucas Mearian21 March 13 10:07