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  • FCC requires consumer protections in telephone transition to IP

    Telecom carriers must get permission from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to replace their copper networks with Internet Protocol-based systems if the change will result in discontinued or reduced voice services for customers.

    Written by Grant Gross07 Aug. 15 05:59
  • FCC looks to protect customers during voice switch to IP

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission may require the country's telecom carriers to warn residential and business customers about their plans to abandon old, copper telephone networks for IP-based systems.

    Written by Grant Gross11 July 15 03:04
  • Government tenders for maintenance of remote satellite Wi-Fi phones

    The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has tendered for a supplier to maintain and monitor 301 Wi-Fi telephones and 245 community payphones that deliver services to indigenous people in 300 remote communities across Australia.

    Written by Byron Connolly09 March 15 10:51
  • Mitel drops ShoreTel bid

    Customers of ShoreTel phones and unified communications gear can stop worrying that their lives might get complicated by a merger between the company and its rival Mitel.

    Written by Tim Greene18 Nov. 14 04:18
  • Mitel takes aim at Avaya with ShoreTel bid

    Anyone thinking about signing a deal with ShoreTel for unified communications gear might want to take a closer look now that Mitel has made public its hopes to buy the company.

    Written by Tim Greene21 Oct. 14 08:59
  • OnBeep developing walkie-talkie type wearable for mobile devices

    OnBeep is readying a wearable device that will let smartphone users initiate a voice chat with a pre-defined group of people, walkie-talkie style, and to support its development the startup announced Wednesday it has closed a US$6.25 million funding round.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs21 Aug. 14 01:53
  • Blue Jeans introduces online forum for industry collaboration, customer advocacy

    Blue Jeans Network, a video collaboration service provider, has introduced an online platform that gives people direct access to one another as well as to engineers, product developers, and company executives. The community is designed to give customers and the larger industry a forum to propose new product ideas, share feedback, and request support.

    Written by Larry Hettick02 July 14 23:14
  • FCC broadband report offers fodder for net neutrality discussions

    A recent FCC study may have taken some wind out of the sails for those who suggest that ISPs are not living up to performance promises. In its fourth such annual report, "Measuring Broadband America-2014," the FCC has found that, on average, ISPs now provide 101% of advertised download speeds.

    Written by Larry Hettick23 June 14 23:02
  • Choosing your businesses phone system - hosted vs. on-premises UC

    If you're looking to upgrade your phone system and weighing the differences between on-premise and approaches hosted in the cloud, consider these factors to get the solution that best meets your needs:

    Written by Billy Chia, product marketing manager, Digium, Inc.14 May 14 05:23
  • Microsoft's Lync plants its flag in Android tablets

    Microsoft has released a new version of its Lync client for Android that now works on tablets as well as smartphones, expanding the footprint of its fast-growing unified communications product.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez13 May 14 08:00
  • Net neutrality ruling complicates US transition to IP networks

    The transition from copper-based telephone systems to IP networks in the U.S. could become swept up in political fallout as the FCC figures out how to regulate such networks in ways that will appease the courts.

    Written by Grant Gross17 April 14 04:18