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  • Open source Ruby, Python hit rocky ground at Microsoft

    Microsoft's open source IronRuby and IronPython projects are shrouded in a dubious future as the last of the full-time IronRuby developers departed the company last month.

    Written by Rodney Gedda09 Aug. 10 12:32
  • Microsoft simplifies Visual Studio

    Microsoft is gearing up to release a version of its Visual Studio integrated developer environment that it promises will be easy enough for even business managers to use.

    Written by Joab Jackson04 Aug. 10 03:23
  • Microsoft juices Visual Studio with secure coding tools

    Microsoft Tuesday said it will deepen ties between its Visual Studio development tools and the secure applications development processes first developed inside the company and now available to outsiders.

    Written by John Fontana03 Feb. 10 08:46
  • Visual Studio 2010 opens up to browser-like extensions

    Microsoft’s next major release of Visual Studio, version 2010, will be the most radical overhaul of the product thus far with support for Web browser-like extensions, source code collaboration, application lifecycle management, and the open source JQuery among others.

    Written by Rodney Gedda16 Dec. 09 14:46
  • Microsoft rushes patches to fix 'big deal' programming flaw

    As promised, Microsoft today patched six vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (IE) and Visual Studio with the first "out-of-cycle" update since it plugged a hole last October that the Conficker worm later used to run rampant.

    Written by Computerworld Staff29 July 09 08:33