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  • Can Windows play well on the iPad?

    All those iPads racing into the enterprise must maneuver around a tricky corner: getting Windows desktop apps to run on iPads without wrecking the user experience. Sure, Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, can render entire Windows desktops and their apps on the iPad-but not always well.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige09 Nov. 11 09:40
  • Desktop management: CIOs need to get user-centric

    The corporate desktop continues to be something of an issue for CIOs. It undoubtedly provides a platform of unparalleled flexibility, but it also serves as a significant drain on scarce IT resources.

    Written by Roy Illsley30 Sept. 10 07:16
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  • VDI Technology Better, Faster and Cheaper, But Adoption Still Slow

    Virtual desktop infrastructure has come a long way since the terminal service days of the 1960s. Heck, VDI has come a long way since the 2000s thanks to plummeting prices for clients, better graphics cards and improved administration. By and large, though, VDI deployments remain more of a niche solution.

    Written by Allen Bernard25 Sept. 13 13:07
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  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Offers Risks and Rewards

    After years of false starts, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) products are here. They work, and if implemented correctly they can deliver substantial cost savings to enterprise IT shops. What are the risks and rewards involved in embarking on a VDI implementation for your organization?

    Written by Ed Tittel and Kim Lindros16 Dec. 13 14:15