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  • Amazon to pay $1B for video doorbell maker

    ​ has agreed to buy video doorbell maker Ring, the companies said on Tuesday, in what analysts see as a growing bet on delivering packages inside of shoppers' homes and on home security.

    Written by Reuters01 March 18 09:33
  • Facebook, Snapchat and the future of live video

    Live mobile video isn't new, but many of today's most popular social media companies are investing heavily in the technology, and they're pushing more live broadcasts to their users' feeds. The development has significant potential implications for digital marketers and the enterprise.

    Written by Matt Kapko17 March 16 23:53
  • NSW Police begin rolling out body cameras

    NSW Police are now wearing body-worn cameras to help them collect evidence and stream live video back to operational command units to support investigations.

    Written by Byron Connolly17 Sept. 15 15:52
  • Google to decouple Google+ from some of its sites

    Google is severing the ties between its social network and other of its services, so that users will not need to log in to other sites like YouTube using a Google+ account.

    Written by Zach Miners28 July 15 04:22
  • YouTube chief claims 'best year ever,' plays down Facebook threat

    Thousands of teenagers stood in line for hours this week in the sweltering Anaheim, Calif., summer heat at the sixth-annual VidCon online-video conference to get selfies with their favorite YouTube stars. As throngs of screaming fans rushed from one Web-celebrity sighting to another, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki presented her opening keynote, and said that the company "just had its best year ever." She also shared numbers to back up the bold statement.

    Written by Matt Kapko26 July 15 01:04
  • YouTube cofounder endorses paid version

    As Google prepares to launch a subscription version of YouTube, the move has been endorsed by at least one interested party: YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley.

    Written by Zach Miners24 July 15 06:36
  • GE in mammoth Office 365 rollout

    General Electric (GE) will deploy Microsoft Office 365 to more than 300,000 staff across 170 countries worldwide following a new agreement between the two companies.

    Written by Byron Connolly21 July 15 11:27
  • Twitter adds autoplaying videos

    Twitter has moved well beyond its foundation of 140-character messages. The site will now host videos that play automatically in users' feeds.

    Written by Zach Miners17 June 15 04:04