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  • Can open source be a kick starter for mobile in the enterprise?

    In the face of an explosion in demand for responsiveness at-scale, high-availability and security, IBM's Wesley McDonald discusses how modern IT professionals are feeling pressures to build solutions based on open source technology.

    Written by Wesley McDonald15 Dec. 15 12:18
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  • Vendor View: Mergers, Acquisitions and Surprises

    Mergers and acquisitions usually pass through six stages. Allen Shatten, proprietor of information technology planning company Lattice IT, explaining why cost-savings targets are often not met -- and what can happen when CIOs sign off before completing the necessary homework.

    Written by Allen Shatten12 Oct. 09 10:43
  • Vendor View: Why ITIL is gaining traction in Australia

    Australian CIOs who are adopting ITIL in their IT departments are seeing productivity benefits, higher customer satisfaction and better alignment of IT with business objectives.

    Written by Tim Dickinson08 Sept. 09 15:14