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  • 12 tips to help SMBs select and manage vendors

    Small business owners and experts share their strategies on how to build a successful, lasting partnership with suppliers/vendors.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff26 Aug. 16 02:17
  • The inside story of why Puma dumped four Cloud vendors for one

    Cloud's ability to ratchet server power and storage up and down as needed suits the demands of online marketing campaigns that tend to gear up and wind down quickly. So a few years ago, sneaker manufacturer Puma ran fast toward adoption.

    Written by Kim S. Nash01 Dec. 11 05:47
  • CIO Summit Roundtable: Application specific SLAs for the enterprise

    Some enterprises have centralised, moved consolidated global ICT assets without giving much thought to the performance of their business applications. While consolidation can help to lower costs, users can have very different experiences for accessing data and applications based on the physical distance to the data centre, where latency may be an issue.

    Written by Georgina Swan12 Oct. 11 11:06
Features about vendor management
  • CIOs Give Vendors Low Marks on Partnership

    A new index from the CIO Executive Council rates IT suppliers on 20 characteristics of truly strategic partners

    Written by CIO Executive Council15 Nov. 12 13:40
  • The six million dollar vendor

    Between 2005 and 2010, Gartner estimated IT managers and executive decision makers have gone from dealing with an average of 3.7 vendors to 10. The onset of Cloud computing as well as the revival of service outsourcing in wake of the economic downturn have only exacerbated this as companies increasingly look to multi-source their services to obtain the functionality they need at a cost they can afford.

    Written by James Hutchinson14 July 11 07:00
  • Managing relationships with vendors - Part 3

    For some organisations the hassle and uncertainty that can arise from multiple vendor relationships is best addressed by putting all of their eggs into the one carefully chosen basket. South Australian transport and logistics company, Northline, recently entered into a five year, $5 million contract with integrator Brennan, which will handle more than 300 portable and desktop computers in addition to servers, enterprise software and LAN communications. Basically, everything except telecommunications, which is provided by Optus.

    Written by David Binning06 May 11 15:09
  • Managing relationships with vendors - Part 2

    According to Dr Tim O’Neill, co-founder and director of business intelligence specialists Avolution, probably the biggest mistake an organisation can make when dealing with suppliers is to outsource the systems architecture. “This is why there’s so many untold billions of dollars-worth of failed IT projects out there,” he says. “Outsourcing the architecture function is fraught with danger.” In order for projects to be successful organisations need to maintain a healthy degree of cynicism and effectively force vendors to earn trust.

    Written by David Binning05 May 11 13:07
  • Managing relationships with vendors

    The IT choices a company makes can mean the difference between business success and failure. Whether it’s access to information, communications between staff, partners and customers, HR, inventory management, operation and monitoring of equipment and other and assets as well as business security, IT has managed to make itself indispensible at virtually every organisational level. Yet it would seem that for many organisations, this awareness often fails to translate into properly thought out and well-executed strategies for managing the vendors that supply the technology.

    Written by David Binning04 May 11 16:03

Whitepapers about vendor management

  • Magic Quadrant for User Authentication

    The user authentication market is dominated by well-established, wide-focus vendors. Newer wide- and tight-focus vendors continue to offer enterprises sound alternatives across a range of use cases. In this whitepaper, we look at the marketplace to compare how vendors compare in their completeness of vision and their ability to execute.