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  • Lawmakers worry US OPM breaches endanger national security

    Two recently disclosed data breaches at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) could endanger national security and the lives of federal workers in intelligence or other sensitive jobs, according to some lawmakers.

    Written by Grant Gross17 June 15 05:03
  • Lawmakers grill FCC's Wheeler about Obama influence on net neutrality

    Republican lawmakers repeatedly accused the U.S. Federal Communications Commission of being improperly influenced by President Barack Obama during the agency's recent net neutrality proceeding, but lawmakers failed to produce solid evidence during a hearing Tuesday.

    Written by Grant Gross18 March 15 05:59
  • Republicans: shows government incompetence

    A congressional hearing Wednesday on the botched rollout of was largely a forum for Republican critics of U.S. government involvement in the health-care industry and other large social programs.

    Written by Grant Gross04 Dec. 13 17:40
  • Lawmakers: security warnings came before launch

    Top IT officials from U.S. President Barack Obama's administration insisted is as secure as possible, despite questions raised from inside the government before the flawed website's launch.

    Written by Grant Gross13 Nov. 13 20:15
  • US agencies can't track savings from data center closings

    The U.S. government's effort to close 1,253 of its data centers is falling short of its goal, and agencies haven't been able to track projected cost savings for the initiative, a government auditor told lawmakers.

    Written by Grant Gross14 May 13 20:58