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  • Report: CIA pays AT&T for international call data

    AT&T supplies information on international calls that travel over its network, including ones that start or end in the U.S., under a voluntary contract with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, The New York Times reported Thursday.

    Written by Stephen Lawson07 Nov. 13 19:11
  • Report: Microsoft helped NSA circumvent its own encryption

    Microsoft helped the U.S. National Security Agency circumvent the company's own encryption in order to conduct surveillance on email accounts through, according to a new report in the Guardian.

    Written by Grant Gross12 July 13 13:50
  • Intelligence officials see cyberattacks as a top US threat

    Cyberattacks are near the top of the list of most serious threats facing the U.S., with the rivaling concerns about terrorism and North Korea, intelligence officials with President Barack Obama's administration said.

    Written by Grant Gross12 March 13 18:15
  • US lawmakers point to China as cause of cyberattacks

    U.S. government officials need to put more pressure on their Chinese counterparts to stop a "pervasive" cyber-espionage campaign targeting U.S. companies, one U.S. lawmaker said Tuesday.

    Written by Grant Gross05 Oct. 11 06:27