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  • UWS uses data analysis to track student performance

    The University of Western Sydney (UWS) is using data analysis and visualisation software, Tableau, to track the performance of students who are at risk of failing their course subjects.

    Written by Hamish Barwick22 Sept. 14 10:59
  • Telehealth simulation lab launches at UWS

    A new research lab that simulates telehealth services for remote and stay-at-home patients has opened at the University of Western Sydney (UWS).

    Written by Chloe Herrick27 Sept. 11 09:22
  • Unis prepare for next Cloud wave

    Following a wave of migration to Cloud-based email systems for students and staff, Australian universities are preparing for the next migration trend, outsourcing instances of the popular Blackboard student resources portal to the vendor’s own servers.

    Written by James Hutchinson16 March 11 15:31
Features about University of Western Sydney (UWS)
  • UWS farewells public service veteran

    After 20 years at the helm of information systems at the University of Western Sydney, IT director Mick Houlahan will retire this week. The trials of the past two decades, however, are likely to retain their mark on his for some time.

    Written by James Hutchinson15 March 11 17:08